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In Persian it is called Aloo Bukhara and in English Plum. Its botanical name is Prunus Dometica. Aloo Bukhara is a tasty and pleasant summer fruit that is loved by all, both young and old. Aloo Bukhara is also eaten cooked. Apart from this, it is dried and used in various dishes. Aloo Bukhara syrup is drunk very fondly. Apart from this, Aloo Bukhara chutney and jam are also very tasty and are eaten very fondly by us. Aloo Bukhara is a sweet and sour fruit. Which has a cold effect. Aloo Bukhara is deep reddish in color. Aloo Bukhara is found in Pakistan, India, Afghanistan and Iran. Vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin K are found in potato Bukhara. In addition, calcium, iron, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, zinc, selenium and magnesium are abundant in it. Medicinal properties of potato Bukhara Advantages: 1. Aloo Bukhara is very useful for correcting liver function. Constipation, lack of appetite and heat of the liver are removed if regular consumption of Aloo Bukhara. 2. Aloo Bukhara is constipated. 3. Aloo Bukhara purifies the blood and removes anemia. 4. Aloo Bukhara is useful for skin and facial rejuvenation. 5. Aloo Bukhara keeps the blood pressure normal. 6. Aloo Bukhara is beneficial for cancer patients. 7. Aloo Bukhara removes waste materials from the body. 8. Potato increases appetite. 9. Aloo Bukhara normalizes the heartbeat. 10. Aloo Bukhara removes mental weakness by giving strength to the mind. 11. Aloo Bukhara is useful for jaundice patients. 12. Aloo Bukhara is beneficial in bilious headache. 13. Aloo Bokhara expels phlegm. 14. Aloo Bukhara removes urinary obstruction. 15. Aloo Bukhara is beneficial to eat for hemorrhoids patients. 16. Aloo Bukhara quenches thirst. 17. Potato releases gas. 18. Aloo Bukhara strengthens the liver. 19. Aloo Bukhara is useful to eat in summer fever.

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