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Announcement of the film Daachi in the Mosque

by Gee Tv
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Announcement of the film Daachi in the Mosque

Today I remember filmmaker Aslam Irani who went to Maulvi Sahib to promote his film ‘Daachi’.
Because in those days a new Pakistan was formed.
Someone had a radio.
Therefore, the mosque’s loudspeaker was used to advertise the business.
Filmmaker Aslam Irani raised some money and made the film Daachi which was to be released

at Bambino Cinema Bambino The Cinema Lahore.
In this connection, he went to Maulvi Sahib and said, “Sir, you should announce that the film “Daachi” is being released on Sunday in Bambino Cinema, which will have 3 shows.
When Maulvi Sahib heard this, he became furious and said, “What do you want us to do?”
Now films and indecency will also be promoted from mosques?
When Aslam Irani heard this, he took out a packet from his pocket and handed it to Maulvi Sahib. I have spent a lot of money on this film, if the film does not work, I will be ruined.
Maulvi Sahib opened the packet which was filled with notes.
I thought for a while and asked.
When is the first show?
Aslam Irani gave all the details.
Maulvi Sahib said, “Well, you go, I will do something on Friday.”
When Friday came, Maulvi Sahib started a sermon in which he talked about the growing indecency of how western culture is destroying us and the younger generation is being destroyed.
We are all Muslims only by name and no one acts.
Now see that you are here shaking your head and listening to good things, but I know that you will not follow them.
If someone tells that a new film dachi will be released on Sunday in Bambino Cinema,

in which Sudhir, Neelu, Nagma and Zeenat are there, then you people have to run away there that you have heard the sermon of maulvi, now listen to songs in the best voice of singer Mala, Ahmed Rushdi and Masood Rana. …
No one knows the religion – but they do know that if Hazin Qadri has written the story,

then it will be a film full of action and indecency because the hero is Sudhir and the villain is Mazhar Shah.
Entry into the mosque is free, but look at the number of worshippers – you will buy a ticket of one rupee there, but you will definitely go . . .

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