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Why violence in protest movements?

by Afzaal rehan
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Afzaal rehan

In our civilized democratic world today, the right to protest has been recognized as a sacred basic human right which has been included as a fundamental right in the democratic constitutions of all countries under the UN Universal Human Rights Charter. Provided that the protest shall be peaceful and your agitation shall not cause any loss or danger to the life, property or honor of any person.
In the same way, self-defense or self-defense in the world is so protected in the eyes of the law that even if you take the life of the attacker in response, THERE IS NO LIABILITY. No. The other three things are also of equal importance to life or life. (1) Wealth or property (2) Honor or honor of any woman (3) If another man attacks the honor of any boy or mail, then he also has the right of self-defense to such an extent that there is no liability even on life. In today’s civilized world, these facts are of basic and nuclear respect.
Here in our society, there is a feeling and understanding about the right to life at the social and public level, while there is no such sensitivity about the right to wealth and honor, the reason is only ignorance and otherwise, for the interest and communication of the general public, Darvish should refer to a well-known tradition. He wants what he knows from childhood.
Man qaada dun mala fahadasheed means the person who was killed in the protection of his property is also a martyr. In this way, there is a reference to honor in one place, which means that Sharia people should also understand the importance of property and honor after life. Is.

As British society evolved, as laws were fine-tuned in line with cognitive development, this approach began to emerge centuries ago, thus distinguishing between legitimate and illegitimate responses, natural and intuitive to hurt feelings. Clarified the nuances of attacking another’s life, property or reputation under immediate reaction and planning. Clarified the difference between the nuances of AFFAEY rioting, rioting, marquee or arson as opposed to peaceful or legitimate protest, in which planning Like the intent given the primary importance.
The worst example of a riot or riot in our Indian history or the history of Pakistan is the excuse of eighteen hundred and fifty seven, the perpetrators of which were given equally severe punishments for loss of life as well as property. Mahatma Gandhi is considered to be the pioneer of but at the same time under the United Nations on October 2, Non-Violence Day was attributed to his birth and he was recognized as a symbol or propagandist of non-violence or non-violence at the world level. Today, if any peaceful If someone raises a stick in protest, the whole world will raise a voice against him, but if someone mixes violence in his protest and crushes him in response, even if it is a dictator, then the silence of the world would justify him. Yes, Palestine and Kashmir are two beautiful examples of this, but it is a pity that the Muslim world, especially most of our Pakistanis or our media, are incapable of understanding its meaning and impact.

It is unfortunate for our traditional Muslim mind that it has not been able to keep pace with the evolution of consciousness. Even today, people are still stuck in their centuries-old Jihadi ideology or are unable to get out of their thinking. Darwish wrote a whole book after 9/11 to clarify this issue, “Jihad or Terrorism?” But it was not well received in our traditional society. They are spoiling not only themselves but also the name of their ideology. All the reform movements that arose in our Muslim society in the past always ended in protest and violence, there is no space to go into their details here.
If we limit ourselves to the 20th century, there are so many such movements that a book is needed for even a detailed description. The worst example of this in modern times is the highly organized movement of the Muslim Brotherhood, which was crushed by President Gamal Abdul Nasser due to the combination of violence and the world showed no sympathy. The public revolt against the Shah of Iran was so heavy and comprehensive that the conscious and communicative power of the West became the support of the revolt. And not without violence.

Darwish asserts that no mass movement can succeed in modern times with a mixture of violence unless it is so universal with popular acceptance that it overwhelms the entire system, this is what today’s world calls a revolution. Or else it has the blessing of a powerful extraterrestrial armed force. If the Pakistan movement is evaluated on the basis of facts and truth, it was not free from arson, encirclement or violence, rather it had all the trappings of this approach but inside This is the reason why on August 16, 1946, when Jinnah gave a call for direct action or direct action, he actually officially started the burning or violence from Noakhali and Calcutta. The government force does not seem to stop or hinder, as a result, after this fire engulfed the entire region and destroyed it, but laid the official foundation of endless hatred, thus millions of people were killed and millions were displaced. The reason for this was that the League’s fight against the government was with the people’s movement which wanted to oust the provincial government. Realizing, they would have brought a compromise and they would have compromised with the League or the foreign government, but in the greed for power, they accepted the tunnels and the destruction of the country in front of powerful rivals, that’s why we see Freedom at Midnight or the India of half of the 20th century as an abandoned India. The hatred spread in the region by this darkness continues even today. After the establishment of Pakistan, the first agitation or protest movement was in the name of Khatman Nabubt which was supported or blessed by the powerful establishment behind the scenes and with the blessing of the marshals here. It would be wrong to say that the PNA agitation followed a philosophy of complete non-violence, but the main factor in its success was the repression of Janah II. The protest movement involved a kind of pat or sympathy from the establishment and it should be clear that it was the only all-round popular movement in the entire history of Pakistan, perhaps that is why the thinking of a Bhutto loyalist like Zia changed.

The MRD movement was not universal, but it did not have absolute support from the people, and perhaps no fair person can deny the mix of violence in it. It was crushed. Thus, he could not get any kind of sympathy or support in the country or abroad. How Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s violent public movement was successful, comparing it with the recent violence, we will review it later.
There is no doubt that the direct action of May 9 was not only full of violence or arson, but it was officially pre-planned. Look at the details of the organized attacks on the targets. The main goal or target of this violent agitation was to achieve a coup d’état against the current army chief from within the military establishment. which will prove that the achievement of this difficult target was not impossible. How all this planning failed will be discussed in the next episode.

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