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What is a safe home for children’s education and training?

by Gee Tv
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A home where children can touch ninety (90) percent of the things in the house. I can experiment. Ten (10) percent include things that are harmful to the child’s life or health, such as electric switches, stoves, sharp knives. Pointed corners, etc.
1- Children can play freely. I can invent games of choice.
2- Children are encouraged for their positive activities.
3- I listen to children without getting angry.
4- May they have a smiling mother and a loving father.
5- Children are given a good amount of time.
6- Children’s smell is happily tolerated.
7- Do not be angry at their noise.
8- Their mischief looks good.
9- I am not instructed all the time to do this and not to do it.

  1. Don’t let other members of the house shout at each other.
  2. Children should be respected as if they are a very big personality.
    12- They are not prepared for forced work, nor are they tempted by greed.
    13- Respect children’s opinions.
    14- If the child asks for advice, it is given and if the advice is not accepted, it is not considered bad.
  3. There are interesting books for children, but I am not forced to read them.
    16- Don’t be forced to go to school.
  4. They see their parents engaged in positive activities such as reading books, reading the Qur’an, talking to each other, writing and playing, etc.
    18- There is no TV, there is no use of other screens, such as mobile, etc.
    19- There is no love for material things in the house and there is no talk about it. Don’t want to buy expensive things.
    20- Often go for a walk and that too in places of natural beauty. You get a lot of love.
    21- Children are trusted. Don’t be suspicious.
  5. Children’s mistakes are celebrated.
  6. Children are not threatened.
    24- Each child has different types of abilities. Their abilities are not compared to any other child.
  7. Do not worry about the loss caused by children, but think about what children have learned from their mistakes?
  8. May the relationship between Mother and Abu be excellent.
  9. Children’s complaints are not put before their father.
  10. Healthy food should be used and artificial food should be avoided.
    29- Children are given full opportunity to meet adults.
  11. My father does not fight in front of his children.
  12. Children’s questions satisfy them.
  13. Children are encouraged on friendships.
    33- A healthy active happy mother should be available to the child at all times.
  14. Children are more taken care of, not household chores.
  15. Father should be a close friend of children.
    36۔ There is no disrespect in front of the guests, nor are they instructed outside the routine for the sake of the guests.
  16. I hear words like thank you, sorry, Inshallah, Alhamdulillah, Assalamo Alaikum and I love you.
  17. High views are discussed. People don’t have divinations.
  18. I love Abu Ami very much and my children know this.
    40- Come and go to all relatives.
  19. Acts of bravery and bravery. Children are shown and encouraged to do so.
  20. There is no talk of livelihood in front of the children in the house.
  21. Children are told stories, and children’s stories are also heard.
  22. Children should not be spoken in a language they do not understand.
  23. There should be an atmosphere of simplicity in the house.
    35- Do not get angry when children do not listen, but wonder why this is so.
    36- Children should not listen to the words “hurry” “What will people say” “When will you grow up” “Be quiet” etc.
  24. The attributes of Allah are conceived from an early age.
  25. Kissing, hugging, listening to children, etc.

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