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Melons have different colors. Most are yellowish in color. Its taste is faintly sweet. His temper is hot and humid. Its food is digestible. It has several advantages. 1. Imam Hasan Askari (peace be upon him) says: Melon should not be eaten in the morning because there is a fear of paralysis. (Bihar al-Anwar, Volume 14) 2. It completes our daily intake of vitamin A and C. It consists of 90% water. It relieves stomach irritation. The minerals it contains help in eliminating stomach acidity. 3. Melon relieves constipation. and improves the digestive system. 4. Consuming melon strengthens the back muscles. Its use is also beneficial for improving the skin and beauty of women. 5. Improves kidney, bladder. 6. It breaks stones. It plays an important role in relieving kidney pain and stones. 7. Melon is diuretic. 8. The use of melon is also very useful in keeping the lungs healthy. 9. If it is eaten in the interval between lunch and dinner, it makes the body fat and gives pleasure. 10. By rubbing its peels and applying it on the face, the color comes out. 11. The salt of its peels is used in kidney pain medicines. 12. Melon seeds are used in diuretic medicine. 13. Nuts, seeds, and melons correct liver edema, kidney and bladder edema. 14. Jaundice and jaundice are very useful. 15. Melon seed softens the mood. 16. Application of melon rind on the eyes removes redness of the eyes. 17. Melon removes excess acidic substances in the body through urine and sweat. 18. If you have sour belching, blisters in your mouth due to excess acidity, heartburn, then eating melon is very useful. 19. Regular consumption of melon removes general physical weakness. 20. Jaundice is very beneficial in blood pressure. 21. The use of melon is very useful in women’s menstrual cycle and irregular periods.

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