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Formation Commanders Conference at GHQ

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Formation Commanders Conference at GHQ chaired by Syed Asim Munir

Corps Commanders, Principal Staff Officers and all formation commanders of Pakistan Army participated in the conference.

The forum paid tribute to the great sacrifices of the martyrs, including those of the armed forces, law enforcement agencies and civil society.

“The State of Pakistan and the Armed Forces respect the martyrs of Pakistan and their families and will always appreciate their eternal sacrifices” (Army Chief).

“The people of Pakistan and the armed forces have a close relationship which is central to national security

The massive public participation in the May 25 celebrations is a clear reflection of the deep connection between the Pakistan Army and the people.” (Army chief)

“The baseless allegations of violent attacks on law enforcement agencies and security forces, human rights violations and suppression of political activities are aimed at misleading the public and achieving nefarious political interests by defaming the armed forces” (Army chief)

“Anti-national elements and their supporters are trying hard to create social division and chaos through fake and baseless news and propaganda” (Army Chief).

“With the full cooperation of the nation, all evil intentions will be thwarted, God willing” (Army Chief).
The participants of the formation command conference strongly condemned the events of the May 9 Black Day tragedy.

Emphasizing the need to cultivate hatred against the state and state institutions for achieving nefarious goals and to tighten the siege against those who spread chaos in the country. (Commitment of conference participants)

Now is the time to strengthen the grip of the law against their planners and masterminds. (Commitment of conference participants)

Those who desecrate martyrs’ memorials, Jinnah House and attacked military installations should be brought to justice under the Pakistan Army Act and the Official Secrets Act, which are under the Constitution of Pakistan. (Commitment of conference participants)

All attempts to create distortions and take refuge behind alleged human rights violations are futile. (Army chief)

The indisputable evidence collected in abundance cannot be denied or distorted. (Army chief)

Attempts to create obstacles and create confusion from any side will be dealt with iron hands in order to completely thwart the nefarious intentions of the opposing forces.

Pakistan forces will not hesitate to make any sacrifice for the security and stability of the country. (Commitment of conference participants)

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