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Why do mosquitoes suck blood?

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Mosquitoes do not feed on blood at all. They only suck blood when they are about to lay eggs. This blood provides protein to their eggs. If they do not suck blood, their eggs will not hatch or will hatch very weakly. Mosquitoes use different types of grasses and plants as their food.

Remember that mosquitoes can detect where you are from a distance of 160 feet through their sense of smell. Mosquitoes with blood type O are more attracted to people, followed by those with blood type B, and then A. 85% of people emit signals from their bodies that mosquitoes can sense, allowing them to estimate your blood type.

Generally, healthy people, those who exercise, and those who are not overweight exhale more carbon dioxide. This alerts mosquitoes to where their host is. That is why mosquitoes come straight towards your face.

Sweat and a warm body are the things that attract mosquitoes. A warm body is their favorite body. That is why when you are exercising, if you sit lazily, your body heats up and you start sweating, the sound of mosquitoes can be heard.

To protect our body, there are some bacteria on our skin that produce chemicals that mosquitoes can detect. Pregnant women are more likely to be targeted by mosquitoes because they emit more carbon dioxide than normal women.

How to prevent mosquitoes? The best way is to eliminate their breeding grounds, such as standing water and water-filled tires. Use mosquito nets and apply mosquito repellent to the body, such as Mosquito Dandi. Avoid wearing bright-colored clothes at night and wear loose-fitting clothes instead. Do not use any electrical devices to kill mosquitoes as it is a waste of money and electricity. Keep the body clean and dry, and include mint and garlic in the diet. Even planting coriander, marigold, mint, and lemon grass plants does not guarantee to repel mosquitoes. Adding cloves to water and applying it to the skin can also prevent mosquito attacks. If there are too many mosquitoes, use Lambda or Icon chemical sprays on the walls of the house and surrounding areas, but be cautious when using them. Keeping Eucalyptus leaves around the bed can also prevent mosquito attacks.

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