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Animal care in summer

by Ayesha Zahoor
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Summer season lasts long in Pakistan, so there are some basic things about summer that need to be reminded, we know but ignore.

We often leave behind the basics in the rush of new formulas, innovations and advanced things

There are many things that need to be replaced and at no extra cost.

The first thing you need to do is to change the feeding times of the animals, complete the feeding of the animal as early as possible in the morning, if your animals are open in the shed, do not empty the feed troughs at night, water and Have plenty of food for the night

We often think that animals don’t eat at night, it’s true that animals don’t really eat at night, but we all know the reason for this is the lack of light. I will often complete the diet in the cool of the night

If not the entire shed enclosure, but at least at night the feed area should be well lit so that all the ingredients of the feed are clearly visible to the animal.

For high milk animals, arrange night feeding only, otherwise the animal’s production will decrease. In summer, the biggest problem is to feed the animal according to its production. When the animal eats less because of the heat, how can the production remain the same?

Another thing to keep in the morning feed is that the feed consists of more digestible ingredients and keep the amount of green fodder high and give less amount of broken wheat straw. Less digestible food requires more energy to digest, causing the animal to feel hotter

If you tie the animal, it is essential that the animal will not have eaten any food after morning, then by afternoon the animal will have digested the food and due to the intensity of the heat, the animal will need more energy.
At this time, you can give half a kilo to one kilo of any grain, barley, corn, wheat porridge or bran, syrup, molasses, sugar, glucose to the animal. More is better

Along with the things mentioned above, water is also very important, if you drink water with these things, it will be more beneficial. , gradually come up to this amount over 10 days

Bypass fat is great but it’s very expensive, if you can get mustard or canola sprouts that’s great too because indigenous sprouts are high in oil, and oil. It is a good source of energy

Mustard oil in the diet also provides extra energy to the animal, but mustard oil should always be mixed with any food ingredient such as bran or cereal porridge, as it is more beneficial.
Do not force-feed the animal in separate liquid form and through umbilical cord etc.

In summer, the animal’s need for salt also increases, if you have placed salt cubes in the animal’s troughs, it is very good, but at least in summer, it is not enough. Add the big animal to the daily diet, the rest of the animals should lick as much salt as they want, you can give this extra salt until September, in the vanda that you make in summer, you must use two kilos of salt per hundred kg of vanda ingredients. do it

If you are not giving sweet soda to the animals, be sure to use 50 grams of sweet soda per day until the hot summer and winter season, and it is better to use this amount during the day, if you give sweet soda in divided doses in advance. If there is, you can add 50 grams to it till summer

If there is no compulsion, give the animals a soft dirt place.
If you can make sand for the animal to sit on, there is nothing better than that, first of all, sand is soft and cools down quickly, the animal sitting in the sand is more calm, the more the animal will be calm in the heat. The more the animal will maintain its production

Summer season is more intense and still four months of summer are left, make sure to make some arrangement for the animals so that clean and fresh water is available to the animal at all times.

A picture is worth more than hundreds of words, the picture is taken from the internet, may Allah bless his life and property, Ameen.

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