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Why is India ahead of us?

by Muhammad khan Abro
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Muhammad khan abro

It is the misfortune of Pakistan that with the progress of the world and the region, it is becoming difficult for Pakistanis to breathe in the suffocating economic situation. The consequences of habitual mistakes will make the future path even more difficult. The deep sleep we have been in for a long time will only cause a rude awakening, after which the situation will be out of our control. The sheer negligence and lack of foresight on the part of our ruling and opposition parties as well as other decision makers is too obvious to speak of. Everyone knows that the entire country is ruled by a few families who join another party every 5 years who only care about their elites and what the rest of the common man should do is not their problem.
Let us begin with the most basic human right: food and water. Pakistan, unable to consider, calculate and protect its water needs, has quickly joined the list of water-scarce countries where groundwater is also depleting. With no infrastructure to store rainwater, the country suffers from catastrophic floods for half of the year, while drought hampers development during the rest of the year. Apart from Sindh, no province has built any dams to store water, so the rain every few years seems to wreak havoc in flood situations. When the water of the whole country falls into the Indus river, despite the construction of dams, the disaster becomes the fate of Sindh itself, the flood water leaves the sand of the river in places, which makes the land uncultivable. This increases food insecurity. Is. Every year we are producing less crop to meet the needs of local people. This year, cotton has shown the lowest yield in the last four decades. As a result of lack of food, almost half of our children are stunted, which means that due to lack of food and malnutrition, children are stunted in their cognitive and physical development. Unable to fully develop physical abilities. Therefore, they will not be able to play any productive role in the future of the country.
Due to malnutrition, people cannot educate their children in order to meet their own food, which makes the future of children look bleak, because people now see only two options either to meet their nutritional needs. Or adorn the children with the jewel of education. Both cannot be done simultaneously. Millions of children in Pakistan are out of schools and on the streets. Children who are seen on the streets are deprived of education as well as bread. Those who are lucky enough to get an education have to deal with an outdated system that only ensures that our children have As far as degrees are concerned, this education system is so out of date that graduates from it do not even get a place in any international institution.
On the other side is India’s education system where children are becoming part of organizations like Google, Twitter, Facebook, World Bank and IMF and our children are becoming a disgrace in Pakistan and abroad by joining PTI. . The low quality of education and the high rate of population together offer a clear indication of impending doom. Making things worse is the gender gap. After a long history of misusing religion for political purposes, today we are left with widespread religious fanaticism. The national narrative is distorted. There are obstacles in the national action plan. It is no wonder that the road ahead is full of confusion and uncertainty.
In a country where individuals do not have the capacity to solve problems, this is why the ongoing political turmoil and lawlessness in Pakistan has made state institutions more interested in expanding their powers than focusing on their duties. Do we have the right to expect any investor to be associated with the current market? Imagine yourself as an investor and answer whether you would invest in a country where there is no work without bribery. While Pakistanis are migrating out of this country in thousands every day because they see no future in this country, when the country’s human resources are ready to leave the country, it is completely illogical to expect that People will bring their financial resources from abroad and invest in today’s Pakistan. We have to ask ourselves that what is the reason India was not behind us in terms of economy till 2001 and was not even ahead? What is the reason today it has become the largest economy in the world despite dozens of separatist movements going on there, despite the fact that there are insecure minorities due to Hindu bigotry, but India is ahead of us. He went because he found solutions to problems in his homeland and improved the education system, and at the same time eradicated corruption, which is why the world’s biggest companies are willing to work there.

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