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Who are the polytheists?

by Arshad asadi al hussaini
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Arshad Asadi Alhussaini

Surah Al-Baqara. 221


(O Muslims!) Beware, do not marry polytheistic women until then. Until they believe. (For) a believing concubine is better than a polytheist (free woman), no matter how good you know. And do not marry polytheistic men until they believe. Indeed, a Muslim slave is better than a polytheist. No matter how well you know them. They call you to the fire, and God calls you to Paradise and forgiveness by His command. And he makes his commandments clear to the people so that they may accept the admonition.


In the Qur’an, the word “polytheists” is mostly used for idolaters. Therefore, wherever this word comes, it is Muslim that its meaning must include idolaters. That is why in many verses of the Qur’an, the word polytheists comes in comparison to the people of the Book (Jews, Christians and Majus). Some exegetes believe that the meaning of mushrik includes all disbelievers, including Jews, Christians, and Majus. For each of them believes in god’s partner. The Christians believe in the Trinity, the Jews believe in monotheism, and the Jews regard Uzair (a) as the Son of God. Although these beliefs are polytheistic, given that in many verses of the Qur’an, polytheists are compared to the people of the Book, in the Qur’anic term, it means idolatry. There is a famous hadith narrated from the Prophet (s).In this, the Holy Prophet (sa) has said in his wills that the polytheists should be finally expelled from the Arabian Peninsula. It also refers to the same meaning because it is Muslim that the people of the Book were not expelled from the Arabian Peninsula and they continued to live in the shelter of Islam as a religious minority by paying jizya. For this reason, the above verse does not include the people of the Book. “Wa la tanqahwa al-mushrikeen, even yaumnwa wa la’abd mu’min khair min mushrik wa l-ajabkam”.
Just as believing men are forbidden from marrying polytheists and idolatrous women, muslim women are prohibited from marrying infidels and polytheistic men. Moreover, just as the believing concubines are better than marrying the infidel free women, even if the disbelieving women are superior in beauty and beauty and wealth, in the same way, the believers are better and better than the disbelievers, but the marriage of believing women with the disbelieving men is forbidden as long as they are disbelievers and if they accept the faith, then marry them. There’s no harm in doing it. This is a way of echo that is also indicated at the beginning of the verse. In this sentence, the reason for the prohibition of the believers to marry polytheists and idol-worshippers has been explained. That is, it is forbidden to marry a polytheist because the polytheist invites his partner to idolatry and such undesirable qualities, whose source is idolatry, especially from the idolater, it is very dangerous in society and its effects are very high and very deep. It is as if the end of society with the idolater is nothing but the fire of God. In summary, familiarity with idolaters, especially through the window of marriage, is akin to ignorance of God, and closeness to them is a cause of distance from God, while believers invite their companions to faith and virtue due to the high qualities emanating from their faith and source of faith, the result of which is Paradise, forgiveness and forgiveness of God. Since the believers have a very deep connection with God, god has taken his name instead of the believers in the verse. He says:
It is possible that god’s call refers to the prohibition of marriage to idol worshippers, the result of which is paradise and forgiveness of God, and there is no prohibition that this verse has both meanings.

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