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Islamia University scandal: Rumours, exaggerations, mischief

by Amir Khakwani
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Amir Khkwani

In the last few days, the amount of videos and Vlogs I have been hearing about Islamia University Bahawalpur, anger is increasing. Such a shameful, cheap attitude has been adopted by many vloggers that the man is surprised. Can there be so much indecency and indifference for the sake of the stomach?
They are spreading blatantly baseless news to popularise vLog. Lies by lies. Nira propaganda. Unsubstantiated news.
Sorry to see that such lousy vloggers are getting millions of views. If you earn so much, many will do the same.
Yesterday someone sent videos of a vlogger. He has made such useless videos which have no limit. He reached outside the university with a red hat on his head. He caught someone, gave him two or four hundred and said whatever he wanted. Absurd, illogical things, but millions of views are available. It turned out that a few days ago, he was doing the same thing with regard to Seema, an alleged Pakistani woman going to India. Even then, he found Seema’s so-called friends and superhited his V logs by telling fabricated shameful stories. Is there no law, no punishment for such irresponsibility?
The question is, why do we accept a clear lie as truth? Have you forgotten the Islamic command to have good faith?
There are a few things clear and clear in this whole scandal.

  1. What is coming out in the name of Islamia University sex scandal is nothing but blatant lies and several thousand times exaggeration.
  2. Fifty-five hundred videos were not recovered from the chief security officer’s mobile. This is a white lie.
    3: The investigating officers who have seen that mobile say that there are no more than five to seven videos and that too of professional call girls etc. The rest of the pornographic content is downloaded from the Internet, as do casual people for fun.
    4: The videos that have been circulating on social media are not from this university. Some dance videos attributed to the chief security officer are also incorrect. The shape is slightly similar, but this is not that person.
    5: A lot is being said about the alleged confessional statement of the Chief Security Officer. He’s wrong, too. No such confessional statement has been recorded or presented in court. A video is going on on social media in which some names have been spoken, it is on another issue. The names of the professors given in it are also wrong.
    6: It is clearly wrong that girls in the university have been blackmailed and sexually abused. Not a single proof of this has been found so far. Not even one.
    7: It is patently wrong that girls living in university hostels have been raped or are involved in immoral activities. That’s 100 percent wrong.
    8: Bahawalpur Press Club is located a few steps away from the gate of Islamia University Bahawalpur. Local journalists say that we are there every day till 10.11 pm, seeing the girls coming and going. I did not see any immoral act nor did it happen that girls come and go in the vehicles of others etc. Such allegations are false and shameful propaganda.
    The pain, suffering and suffering that 25,26,000 girls of the university must have suffered from such useless and baseless vlogs can be gauged by every heart and every person who has children in their own homes.
    It is being said about the powerful local politician of Bahawalpur that his son was friends with the accused and on this anger, he put pressure on the police and took this action. Only the JIT can investigate such allegations and give a report. A judicial commission should be formed on this. But it is a fact that no journalist or other person has any evidence or videos in this regard. All the things that are there are hawaiian. The politician held a press conference two days ago and openly said that the anchors/vloggers who have made this allegation, I will give notice to them and follow them. That’s what they should do.
    What we learned in journalism is that no one should be accused without solid evidence and never do what you can’t prove in court. Sadly, these days, this principle is blown away. If the defamation laws in Pakistan were strict and immediate punishment could be given under them, then no anchor, vlogger, TikToker or any other person would accuse anyone without proof.
    All this is related to the university sex scandal. As far as the use of ice is concerned, it cannot be ruled out. Nowadays, this modern type of drug is spreading in educational institutions. This may be the case in Bahawalpur as well. Police claimed that 113 boys were involved in its use or sale. That may be true, but look at the proportion of 113 out of 64,000 students of the university. That one doesn’t even make half a percent. If the police do their job diligently, then this rate will be zero.
    However, as far as it is concerned that some professors are harassed for different reasons or there is favoritism in giving marks, then this is a different matter altogether. It may be so, but remember that there are 1800 teachers in the university. If there is such a complaint against five to seven teachers, then the rate is also .27 i.e. less than half a percent. My aim is not to defend anyone, for me, the rate of drug and harassment cases should be zero. The purpose of this comparison is only to tell the reader how terrible and illogical the propaganda was done.
    It should also be remembered that such complaints occur somewhere in every university of Pakistan and at some level. Harassment cells are also available in every university to prevent this. Don’t forget that girls are always united in such matters. No professor has the capacity to harass girls like this.
    Keep in mind that there are thousands of boys in the university. There are 28,000 boys and whenever a girl complains like this, the whole class is always gathered everywhere. The boys we know become more excited in such a case. The Islamic Jamiat-e-Talaba is relatively weak in Islamia University, but there the Anjuman-e-Chhatra Islam (ATI) is very strong and it is also a religious organization.
    Student organisations play a positive role in harassment matters and always stand by the students. University professors can’t dare to openly harass someone. What was the duty of the Chief Security Officer to stand in front of the student organizations? In front of the strength of the students, many times even the head of the department and the VC do not even move.
    All these things are not something that not everyone knows. Sadly, when negative news is spread, we accept it immediately.
    This does not mean that reforms should not take place. Semesterism has its drawbacks and favoritism is used in this system. Apart from girls and harassment, many times boys in different universities also fall prey to favoritism. If there is no strict system of accountability, as is not the case in many places, then on the basis of likes and dislikes, a boy is given more marks and a boy is failed for no reason.
    The semester system should be abolished or reformed. Make papers professors from outside this university and check the same. Similarly, there should be a cross-check system. Harassment laws should be further tightened and immediate action should be taken against them. In private universities, feedback is taken from students about teachers. This should be the case in public universities as well.
    It is also important to understand that not every complaint of harassment is genuine and genuine. It has also been the case that if a girl is failed, then she feels like harassment.
    Finally, please stop the baseless, one-sided propaganda against the Islamic University Bahawalpur or the universities in general. Open your eyes and read such things. Get your mind to work. Instead of taking pleasure from false videos, think of university students as their own children and think logical questions. You’ll get the answer yourself.

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