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It’s on fire!

by Muhammad Mehdi
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Muhammad Mehdi

The holy land associated with Afghanistan is getting hotter and hotter and if the wheel of the situation continues to spin like this, then the time is not far away that the soles of the whole of Pakistan will be burning due to its heat. The attack on the JUI workers convention in Bajaur is not an eye-opener but a continuation and is increasing in this regard. Why jui has been targeted in particular?It needs to be considered separately. There is no need for any further argument to know that it is not only our Afghan neighbour who is involved in this, but india’s intelligence agencies have also established a considerable influence in banned organizations on the basis of money and resources and they are the main planners of every act of terrorism. However, one cannot abdicate one’s responsibilities just by saying this. To what extent is our own strategy effective in this regard, and if ineffective, what are the reasons for it and how can it be made effective? The real question is because India will do what it has been doing and any discussion with it in this regard is nothing but a success. We must accept the fact that there are many swings in our Afghan policy, due to which we repeatedly present our necks due to the Afghan situation. However, the martyrdom of our soldiers and other civilians is coloring our land every day. First Put Your House In Order, are we even following it, unfortunately the answer is in the negative. What the banned organizations are doing secretly, they have to be found, but their supporters in the country, who have been playing holi of blood in their own country without any shame, are still the spokespersons of these banned organizations, what action has been taken against these elements. At least their public activities would have been locked down, but even after so many testimonies, it was not taken care of.Remember, the smell spread by them is seen on social media all the time, but we have ignored it. The other side of this situation is related to Afghanistan. It is a settled fact that the Afghan Taliban have refused to implement the Doha Agreement keeping Pakistan in mind, but when this agreement was being signed, why could we not fully understand the intention of the Afghan Taliban in this regard? Ghani was forced to flee Kabul as his grip on Afghanistan seemed to be consolidating, but at the airport, ISIS, now active in Afghanistan, Pakistan, called Wilayat Khorasan, carried out a suicide attack, sending a clear message that it was the biggest threat to the Afghan Taliban’s success. And even later, they have made clear the biggest headache for the Afghan Taliban by continuously attacking Afghanistan, but by carrying out more attacks than during the us presence. The Afghan Taliban are very active in dealing with this internal threat, but there is a danger that it is becoming as long as the devil’s gut and due to this threat, the Afghan Taliban are reluctant to take any action against the outlawed TTP because they feel threatened that if they take action against it, the organization will not pledge allegiance to ISIS and the Afghan Taliban is one. They don’t want to open such a new front because ISIS has already been joined by Afghan Taliban defectors. The second issue is also their intention because a significant number of them think that they were helped a lot by the outlawed TTP, so we should also provide them safe havens and they think it is also important because in this way the impression of them being a proxy of Pakistan will also be washed away.And they will be able to get the same benefits from the world and especially from India that the governments of Hamid Karzai and Ashraf Ghani had. Now the question is why JUI has been targeted, so if anyone removes the belt of prejudice, opens his eyes, then he will see that Maulana Fazlur Rehman and JUI are a spoil that they have tied the band in front of extremism and religious violence and the enemy wants to break this bandh so that the JUI is repulsed. If you can get a foothold, how will the steps be frozen again, just understand my little words more, this is the same attack on the ANP that they oppose these elements on non-religious grounds.While Maulana Fazlur Rehman is opposing religious identity. What should Pakistan do? First of all, the time has not yet come to be completely disappointed with the Afghan Taliban, their problems should also be resolved and they should provide intelligence and all kinds of assistance to defeat the Islamic State of Wilayat Khorasan and then convince them about the issue of banned organizations in Afghanistan. It is important to explain that if he continues to run the government like this, then he will be a victim of an accident again. Secondly, Pakistan has just spoken to the US Secretary of State and it is reported that it has discussed us cooperation on the issue of terrorism, which will be in the form of supply of equipment etc. The world should also be made to understand that by helping Pakistan, not only peace will be established in Pakistan, but the world will be more peaceful.

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