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Stay away from lies

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Imam Zain al-Abidin (a.s.) said:

Ataqwa al-Qazab al-Sa’ani minh wa’l-Kabeer fi kal ja’d wa hazl
Avoid lying, whether it’s small or big, funny or serious.
Brief explanation:
Lies are among the greatest sins, and in some traditions, lies have been described as the worst sin, even lying is said to be worse than adultery.
Many people do not consider a lie to be a lie or a sin in any expediency or fun, while all the people have a fatwa that even in fun, lies are lies and sins.
Apart from this, it is not that if a sin is performed in fun, then the sin is not accounted for, but sin is sin in every situation, whether it is intentional or in fun.
Therefore, man should avoid all kinds of lies and sins even in fun and entertainment, so no sin is excluded from the scope of sin by our believing and understanding.
Principles of Coffee, vol. 2, p. 338

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