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Shah Ast Al-Husayn (a) king of Ast al-Husayn

by Afzaal rehan
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Afzaal rehan

It is a tragic chapter in the 1,500-year history of the Islamic world that a peaceful democratic way of changing governments could not be adopted, nor could high human traditions be strengthened in this regard. We are still suffering the punishment of this tragedy not only in Pakistan, but this tragedy of the history of this state of misfortune spanning five centuries can be clearly felt.
Whatever the decline of our Muslim Ummah, the history of domination has also been unable to give shining examples, at least in this regard. We must beat the drum of the Shura Benham without thinking that consultation takes place with our nobles even in the kingdoms, in today’s Saudi Arabia, the narrative of its implementation or adherence continues. The chiefs of the tribes were appointed by allegiance, in the Arabs , “amar” was used in the sense of order, government or rule, this pledge can be seen in the sense of vote at present.
At the same time, we also read the edict that the same reference was presented as an authority in al-Ayma min al-Quraish, Saqifa banu Sa’ida. Those who are aware of Arab psychology can understand that Arabs were not, by their nature, willing to accept the rule of a weak person or tribe. That is why the Quraysh had to take over the rule after the Holy Profit, and the same happened, despite the status of prophethood, the Holy Profit did not make any formal nomination for its successor, as if it was left to the society. Not but two centuries later” while dervish is of the opinion that if all this had not happened at that time, then this kind of demand could not have been raised centuries later, the same thing would have become a tradition, at least in principle, which would have been difficult to deviate from.
Today, if we look at the appointment of the four caliphs, then the choice of all four is different, after the martyrdom of Sayyidina Ali, Sayyidina Hasan was chosen as your successor or caliph, but Sayyidina Hasan automatically withdrew from the Caliphate by extending a hand of peace to the Emir of Syria under the Bojoh strategy. Later, the real issue arose when The Emir of Syria nominated his son Yazid as caliph, where the issue of his allegiance arose, especially after the death of Hazrat Muawiyah.
Sayyidina Imam Al-Husayn (a) was assured by the people of Iraq that he should come and stand in front of the mulukyat, we are ready with you, Maula Husayn said that delaying it was against expediency and wisdom. You will be killed in front of your family like Uthman, it is better to take the path of Yemen instead of going to Kufa and run your resistance movement in the tangled strong mountains there. He went to Kufa even though the day of ‘Arafah was near in the haram, but the Kofis made a story of disloyalty to their great Imam.
What happened after that is so painful and shaky that tears flow from the eyes while reading and listening to it, and the believers have been crying for fifteen centuries. This whole story is so painful that the entire family of Prophethood, including the Prophet(s), was brutally murdered by none other than the Muslims themselves. Why should we not sigh from the chests, “O beloved son of the Prophet (s), your murderers were not Jews or Christians, they were your father’s followers who were shouting, ‘Kill Husayn quickly. ended the tyranny Accepting only one of the last three conditions presented by the oppressed Imam, it is the end of cruelty that the conditions of oppression suppressed even by such peace of Hudaybiyya were also rejected with pride and arrogance. But these Yazidis did not even give him respite. This is such a great testimony of victimhood that even those who do not believe in Islam pay tribute to Sayyidina Hussain and say that Hussain was the voice of victimhood and the chestnut of greatness. He was a champion of human rights and human dignity against the great Imam oppression, whoever collides with tyranny to the rest of the world will find Sayyidina Husayn around him. Millions of salaams on Husayn ibn Ali Shah Ast Hussain King Ast Hussain, Sardad na dad dasta dar dast Yazid Haqa that made La Ilaha Ast Hussain

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