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Let’s save children from withering

by Dr Sughra Sadaf
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Dr Sughra Sadaf

In the month of Muharram, the sighs and sighs of oppression echoing around remind that even after centuries of travel, there are some people who are not only unable to allow the rays of truth and good to shine in the darkness of their inner self, but are also keeping the stories of oppression and oppression alive with their behavior. Even today, whenever and wherever they get the opportunity, they also exploit the weak and such brutal demonstrations of physical violence that the souls of those who see and feel are shaken. This country has become very dangerous in terms of children. Every day, horrific stories of child abuse on newspapers, television and social media shake our soul, shake our conscience, make our feelings cry, but we go ahead with sighs for a few days. If any government cared about such issues, it would not just make laws and implement them in such a way that the culprit would not dare to commit a crime. But incidents of child abuse are increasing day by day.For the guilty are free and fearless . It cannot be that everyone in a society is good, but those who go towards evil due to upbringing or circumstances are controlled by the law of the state, if it is said that the law is for these people, then it will not be useless because responsible and conscious citizens of the state habitually respect the law and also human values. They do not fear the camera or punishment, they answer their conscience and their feelings, they want to keep themselves happy, listen to the heart, so not because of the law, but because of the order of their heart, because of their training, because of their habit, they promote good deeds and human values. it’s going. Looking at the case of 14-year-old Rizwana, I hear Theresi Marx’s words echoing around that “the law is for the protection of the powerful.” “How long will this continue?
It is necessary that strict legislation should be made regarding children, violators should be fined and punished, cruelty and abuse of children should be dealt with with the provisions of terrorism. 14-year-old Rizwana has made us all sleepless, her innocent body does not know how many days the thief’s body was hanging on the chest of pain, the thief body had to work and when it did not work, he used to be beaten, i do not know how they are people, what kind of mind and heart do they have who can beat 14-year-old children with sticks and in their imagination. The picture of children does not emerge. Rizwana will recover and return to life, but due to this, the pain that has been collectively embedded in the soul of humanity will end. This is the tragedy of sensitive people, they keep wandering in the desert of suffering by imposing someone’s pain on their existence, we are also hitting the walls, we are mourning, we are mourning.۔ However, this is not a solution. Now it’s time for action. There is a lot of power in civil society when the society decides to do something, success becomes its destiny. Let’s support Nadia Jamil, get to the depth of things by covering her thinking, see the sadness spread on the faces of the children with her eyes and feel the pain like her heart. Of course, if you can do that, you won’t just talk, you’ll act. The first is the need for the training of parents who make children a source of income and hand them over to the violent world. They also need to be rehabilitated. A child under the age of 16 should be in a school or technical institution instead of a job. This task can be entrusted to BD member, constituency nazim and deputy commissioner. There should be a system that if a young child is seen working in a hotel, house, then the desired number can be reported. Family planning should be followed. If there are one or two children, do not beg or be forced to work at home, not just because of food, they should be handed over to such madrasas whose environment distorts their personality.
We do not become famous by giving good education and good environment to our children, all these children are also our responsibility because they all affect the society. Society should be like a home. Imagine how those who have their own age to play should be given the care of the children and subjected to shocks, beatings and discrimination all the time. These examples of social imbalances instill hatred and revenge in children’s minds. Let us all start the journey of protecting these children together. All children are like flowers. Protect them from withering. If a child is seen in the market carrying goods and small children or sitting on one side in the restaurant, then ask these wives that they are also children, think and feel.

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