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A new screen sharing option.

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A new screen sharing option has arrived in WhatsApp calls

A new screen sharing option has arrived in WhatsApp calls

WhatsApp, working on new features, has now introduced the option of Google Meet in the video call in the new version, under which screen sharing can be done easily.

This option can be seen in Google’s beta version, in which some users have also noticed minor changes in the navigation bar at the bottom. This flagship app from Meta Company now offers screen sharing option during video calls for Android users. In this way, video calling can be made purposeful and better. In this regard, WhatsApp news website WABTA Info has also given many details. It can be seen how easy screen sharing is made in WhatsApp calls. A new icon has been created inside the call control view that will open Screen Share. Along with this, the content will be visible on the caller’s screen, the other person will be able to see it and it can also be recorded. Likewise, users will be able to pause and modify it in between.

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