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Youth and solutions to their problems

by Tariq Khan Treen
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Tariq khan treen

Youth engagement is a topic that has received a lot of attention in recent years, especially in the context of development, peace and social harmony. Youth engagement refers to the meaningful participation of the youth in the issues of life, including decision-making, policy making, providing awareness to the people, is very important, not only but also their right, which affects their lives. Now whatever decisions affect their lives, bringing the youth to the forefront, making them sit in the decision-making, and providing a conducive environment for the young people for this decision-making, can bring a new thinking, thinking, innovation, and new positive energies to a society, which can help solve many problems.
However, it is not so easy to constantly benefit from the talents of the youth. Sometimes many obstacles, challenges are faced due to which the young class keeps themselves away from the process of social cohesion. For example, lack of recognition, will I be heard or not? Secondly, will I be encouraged to be respected for my thoughts or will I be humiliated? Lack of access to educational and information opportunities, lack of skills, lack of resources and support, and lack of conducive environment for dialogue and action prevent young people from moving forward. Therefore, in order to keep the youth engaged, it is necessary to create a constructive environment where their ideas are valued, not only but a young person should be seen as a partner and a leader so that they can be encouraged to play a constructive role in society.
In order to keep the youth active, such organizations should be formed whose work should be made to keep the youth connected at all times by keeping the youth’s issues focused, learning, supporting each other, giving respect and dignity, encouraging them, so that they can spend their energies confidently on the problems that are unresolved in the society and keep their solutions in front of other partners. Such organizations should achieve goals that build the skills of the youth, organize some programs that, along with skills, knowledge, and self-confidence, can make them accustomed to participating in repeated activities that help to eliminate civic, social, and social problems.
Mobilizing the youth of Balochistan to end the development, poverty, unemployment and deprivation of the province is a morale booster. The capabilities of the youth of Balochistan are no less than anyone, in such a situation, it is the need of the hour to take full advantage of their capabilities for the construction and development of the country. Organizing national sports festival in Balochistan, holding national youth summit and making students of different universities of Balochistan visit different institutions and brief them on various issues will definitely illuminate the chapters of construction and development in Balochistan.
Recently, students and teachers of University of Balochistan, Biotoms University, Bolan University of Medical and Health Sciences, Sardar Bahadur Khan Women University Quetta visited Quetta Garrison. More than 75 people participated in it. The purpose of this visit was to make the students of Balochistan, who were left behind in the feeling of deprivation, realize that it is the students who have to rise from these schools and run the affairs of their country and the province in the future. As Balochistan’s future is shining with CPEC, Recodec and other projects, such a bright future had to make them realise that they should prepare themselves to embrace a bright future.
It should be noted that the students studying in these schools have for decades been obsessed with artificial, selfish, political, or group politics rather than real politics. Sometimes nationalist parties in the form of nationalism are dividing our generation and sometimes in the form of class politics, they are depriving our children of the development of the country. Therefore, now wake up the youth, make them understand, exhort them not to fall for their rights, but to decide their own better future on the basis of research and logic so that balochistan can get rid of the serious social ills like backwardness, deprivation, poverty, unemployment forever.

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