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Pakistani boy whose IQ is way more than Einstein and Hawking.

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3.9 year old Muhammad has broken the record for the highest IQ with an astonishing 195 point score.
The little boy has scored a total of 195 points while steve hawking had an IQ of 160.Although Albert Einstein never took the test ,his IQ is also estimated to be 160.
Sharing her thoughts on this achievement, this genius boy’s mother said: “He was tested twice in his first test he scored even higher than 195, then he was tested again by the IQ society and the results were shocking for every family member. we thank Allah who blessed him with such a high IQ. we never expected such high scores”.
Muhammad ‘s father also shared his sentiments on his son’s success at such a young age:” I am extremely proud and also surprised at how my little prince scored”.
When his mother was asked ,why he is not a member of mensa with such a high IQ,his mother replied:
“Mensa once had a chapter for kids in Pakistan, back in 2014 when a 6 years old girl(Fatima) scored 132 and became a member of mensa but now mensa doesn’t have any chapter for kids in pakistan.we tried to convince them but they said they don’t have gifted platforms in Pakistan so it’s difficult catering such gifted kids here.so we applied in Child high IQ Society which is also a high society for gifted kids and he became member with 195 scores.we hope Pakistani mensa would again start the chapter for gifted kids”.
Fatima Zia who is member of mensa ,is also a member of child high IQ society with 132 score. Muhammad is also registered with world intelligence Network who involves 65 High IQ Societies.
With such a high IQ ,he completed his kindergarten 3 year journey within 6 months .The psychologist was amazed by his math and reading skills.At this tender age ,he reads shakespeare.He is also way ahead in geography, biology and chemistry than a normal 8 year old kids even though his mental age is more than 8 year old according to IQ tests.
He loves engaging in activities that stimulate his brain.He loves swimming, skating, running and listening to the recitation of quran.
American magazine columnist Marilyn Vis has an IQ of 228,the highest ever record.she scored the highest scores when she was 10 year old.
Muhammad is invited by an American university that teach gifted kids from a very young age. Muhammad is a Pakistani asset. We wish him all the best for his future.

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