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by Professor Abdullah Bhatti
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Professor Abdullah Bhatti

When I reached the office as usual, a five-year-old innocent girl dressed in beautiful colorful clothes came running towards me, grabbed my hand and kissed me and kissed babaji salam the style of the girl was so full of innocence that my eyes were filled. So she said, “My name is holy and my mother has been waiting for you since morning, who was waiting with her younger son, I grabbed the child’s hand and started moving towards her mother. She stood respectfully with a white rose-like color.Now instead of a thin weak girl, she had a healthy body, but had become a little fat, she bowed her head after finding me close, I turned a compassionate hand, then she chuckled and said, “See Baba, you have forgotten me, but I have not forgotten you at all. On the order, she left the city and went hundreds of kilometers away, if she lived in this city, then when would I have gone under the soil, today if I am alive, I am due to the grace of The Almighty and your guidance. She was recalling the days when she tried to commit suicide three times.But every time she came back from the threshold of death, Allah changed her life from autumn to spring, death replaced the dark shadows of suicide with the colors of life, she was crying, the edges of my eyes were also wet. Allah almighty has given me a good daughter, this child is also the grace of Allah and your loving husband who gives his life to you, then she said that the husband was divorcing me, he accepted me with your prayers. Come, whose inhabitants made your life hell, but your attraction has brought me back.Another thing is that you have taken permission from me many times to write my sad story in columns so that people can be intellectually guided and people trapped in the clutches of Bengali babu magicians like me can be saved, but I used to stop you every time, but Baba, I myself request you today to open this dark secret of my life so that those who are trapped in the clutches of magicians can be saved. People are lying in the pit of ignorance, they can get out, secondly, there is a friend of mine who is badly trapped in the swamp of “attendance” like me, he also told me about his murshid baba when I went there, the same attendance drama was going on. You will also help and guide him.And expose the injustice done to my life in front of the people, then Noor Bibi went away after talking a lot, I remembered countless girls and women who seem to be mourning their lives after being oppressed like Noor Bibi, so I am writing the story of Noor Bibi not for the disbelievers of spirituality but for the followers of spirituality so that their Years ago, one day Noor Bibi was brought semi-unconscious in the car and it was said that she has the shadow of Jinnat. The structure of the dais was wrapped in yellow black skin, the eyes were stuck in the eyes, i recognized that this is not a case of jinnat shadow, but depression is the result of a severe tragic accident that this girl is trying to commit suicide again and again. I did not give a lift, then I said that your husband will never divorce you, noori bibi’s eyes lit up on my talk, you swear that he will not divorce me, so I encouraged that he will never give it, then he said put his hand on my head and swear by me. That I am like your daughters and will never tell my secret to others, I promised and she went away saying that I will not commit suicide anymore, then she went away now she started coming to me. Noor Bibi gave me a bundle of many pages in an envelope and said Babaji, this is the cruelty due to which I used to commit suicide and my life was ruined. was going toSince childhood, i saw all the family members coming to the house respecting them, in the same environment, I was also married to a boy who used to believe in babas very much, my husband’s murshid who used to come to the house often after marriage, when the conditions of our sustenance did not improve, the murshid shouted that there are jinnat in this house, I should walk in this house for forty-one days to remove them. Those of us who believe will be very happy that the murshid will stay in our house and change our situation, my husband’s order was to obey every order of the murshid, the murshid made me a daughter in front of everyone. We are glad that so many good beings come to our poor house.One day the murshid caught me empty during the attendance and said that I am not such a good old man, so do not deny anything to me and thus he played with my honor. One day, the murshid was saying to one of his students on the phone, I am enjoying every woman by pretending to be present, I became mad, then two years passed, the situation in the house went from bad to worse. So life started to burden me, I came to my parents’ house and tried to end my life, now my husband is also against me and the fraud murshid also threatens me, then my family brought me to you. You can get rid of the beast and bring my husband back to me, i hope you have said daughter, then you will show it as a father.

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