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Your lips are free to speak.

by Armeen Fiaz
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Armeen fiaz

Why should I forget my interest?
Don’t worry, I’ll be sad.
Listen to the gutter bulbul and stay at all times
Am I also a matter of keeping quiet?
After all, how long will we continue to bear? In the society we belong to, the jinn of inflation remains uncontrolled every day. Prices of electricity, gas, petrol and food items seem to be skyrocketing. People sleep every day in the hope that the morning sun may rise as a ray of hope for them, but sadly their eyes open on the news that petrol has become expensive by Rs 19.95 per liter or the price of electricity has increased by Rs 4.96 per unit. According to a report, 40 percent of the people in Pakistan have gone below the poverty line. Due to rising inflation, the life of the poor man has become miserable. Tired of poverty, many prefer to end their lives and that of their loved ones. Whether the poor commit suicide, strangulate their wives, children or poison them to death, the rulers do not care because it is the people who risk their lives by handing over their rights to others for a plate of biryani or a few rupees. Because perhaps those in possession of resources tell the poor that hunger is god’s test and we are the means to end this test and these powerful people are not able to keep the promises made to the people after coming to power. It’s not limited to the rulers. The people, like a nation, live up to the ruling party. A person who has a bus on his own does not shy away from eating the rights of others. The market of loot has been heated by violating each other’s rights. People cry for rights but shy away from performing duties because rights are related to duties and rights are never achieved without performing duties.
Pakistan is the state which was considered to be an independent Islamic welfare state, justice, discipline and economic and social stability, whose manifesto was. But sadly, today, lack of measurement, oppression of children, women and the elderly, racial prejudices, religious discrimination, sectarianism, terrorism and violation of rights are common here. There seems to be self-pity and chaos everywhere. The question is, why does the Muslim Ummah, which is united in the name of domestic and personal interests and religious rituals, remain silent when it comes to atrocities on Muslims in Kashmir, Palestine and India? Is it enough to say a few words of sympathy to make a few songs or to save your country’s honour at an international forum? When Allah takes the hearts of the rulers in His grasp and they have come with long trunks, is it not obligatory on the nation to wage jihad?
O country of the streets in Nisar, where
It is customary that no one goes with his head raised.
Whoever wants to go out to tawaaf
Look away from the body and the soul.
The deteriorating human rights situation is a question mark on the performance of the institutions that ensure the protection of human rights, because silence against oppression is also tantamount to siding with the oppressors. Is it not unjust that the country which was acquired to implement the system of Allah has not been established till date?
There is no such hypocrite in the world.
He who suffers injustice, but does not rebel.
Our religion also teaches us to raise our voice for the truth, if we follow the teachings of Islam, we can make our country a haven of peace and security. Because raising voice against oppression and injustice is also jihad.
Imam Al-Husayn (a. s.) delivered a sermon at the place of Bayd.
The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Whoever sees a king who is unjust, who makes the mahrams lawful, breaks the covenant of God, opposes God and the Messenger, and rules over God’s servants with sin and excesses, and does not show honor through words and deeds, then It is the right of Allah to admit that person into Hell with that king.” do it.
For the overall development of our country, it is very important to have equal human rights that a person should have the full right to express his views and criticize any action that violates the rights of the society without fear. Do not remain silent against the oppression done to you, but fight hard to get your right.

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