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World Health Day, Health for All

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DG Food Authority Raja Jahangir Anwar informs about World Health Day celebrations with the theme of “Health for All.” Balanced and safe food consumption is extremely important for human health. Choosing nutritious food is the key to a healthy life. The Punjab Food Authority is raising awareness on social media about healthy food daily. Special teams of Punjab Food Authority have been formed for Eid to ensure the provision of healthy food. Punjab Food Authority will bring significant changes in the quality of food in the next three months. Using healthy food is essential to improve our lifestyle and lead a healthy life. It is essential for citizens to fulfill their responsibility and inform the Punjab Food Authority about the mafia involved in adulteration. According to the directions of the Government of Punjab, special checking of dairy points is being carried out by the Punjab Food Authority. Citizens should develop the habit of reading labels carefully when buying food and beverages. To prevent diseases and keep ourselves healthy, we need to change our dietary habits. The Punjab Food Authority encourages simple and nutritious food consumption and daily exercise.

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