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Supreme Court Practice and Procedure Bill 2023

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Constitutional petitions filed against the bill in the Supreme Court. The petitions have been filed by senior journalists, Sami Ibrahim and Chaudhry Ghulam Hussain, against the bill. The requests are against the bill on constitutional grounds and have been filed in the Supreme Court by Khawaja Tariq Rahim and Advocate Azhar Siddique. The position stated in the petitions is that Parliament has no constitutional authority to interfere in the matters of the Supreme Court. Articles 191, 142, 70, and Entry 55 of the Federal Legislative List of the Constitution provide that Parliament has no authority in the matters of the Supreme Court. The rules of the Supreme Court have been in place since 1980. The National Assembly, Senate, and others have their own roles that they have created themselves. If the right to appeal is not given under Article 184/3 of the Constitution, then it cannot be given under any other Act. The power to form benches lies with the Chief Justice. The Supreme Court has already established standards for its decisions and notes. This law violates fundamental rights. The bill is malicious in nature. This bill is a betrayal of the Constitution. The bill should be declared null and void. The President should be prevented from signing the bill. The bill should be suspended until a court decision is made.

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