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9 may 2023 Incidence of attack on Pak army HQ, Lahore.

by Muhammad Hamza
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Muhammad Hamza

Pakistan witnessed the deadliest attack on the Pak army HQ. Core Commander House Lahore by protestors, anti-Pakistan miscreants. The ruffians attacked and destroyed Army Property, and Installations in a systematic planned manner. Anti-Pakistan Army slogans were howled and raised by the saboteurs and attackers. Those protestors anti-Pakistan miscreants forced their way to the compound of the Pak Army Commander’s Residence and ransacked, and burnt the core Commander’s House. The Jinnah House was also attacked similar way by the miscreants, and attackers, they burnt and looted the house left and right, to their evil heart’s content. All the aforementioned scenarios took place after the Ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan (Chairman of PTI) was arrested. Massive protests in Pakistan started after he was arrested. The whole responsibility was thrust on Mr. Imran Khan (Ex-Premier ) that it was he who had planned or ordered the way of protestations. And that massive protests were done at Imran Khan’s behest. now the question arises 1 Who were those miscreants, culprits, and anti-Pakistan elements who did this dastardly act, attack, burn, and looted the Army Core Commander’s House in Lahore and also Jinnah’s house in Lahore? 2 Who was behind this plan of conspiracy of 9 May and who were the mastermind, planners of that conspiracy? As a result and consequence, The Pakistan Army Chief took serious note of this ugly, mad, incident. The PTI chief also immediately, denied these allegations that he had ever issued any orders or suggestions to attack the Army HQ or Quaids residence. and that his (IK) only demand was for holding general elections in the country. nothing more nothing less. Conclusion The 9 May 2023 incident of attack on Pak Army HQ Lahore, burning/looting Quaids residence should and must be investigated for pinpointing the real culprits and attackers. The Supreme Court / Judicial Commission must be formed to investigate this anti-Pakistan conspiracy by the anti-Pakistan elements so that, never ever may arise such type of ugly incident in our Islamic Republic Of Pakistan our beloved motherland. The culprits of that incident must be brought to light, because, Foreign enemies and Foreign enemies’ hands might also be involved in this dangerous incident.

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