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Why do we wear a string?

by Gee Tv
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A new issue has been raised, which was earlier used by the people of a particular sect from us ahl-e-Shi’a (a).
That’s the question..
Why do you wear a chain in your hands or feet, in a tradition, it is proved by an innocent that they wore it.
If you say that this is the Sunnah of Imam Al-Sajjad (a.s.), then he was forced to wear it, then this army is the Sunnah of Yazid.
While Sikhs and Hindus also wear it, then what is this Hindu ritual, what does it have to do with Islam?
Guess it..
Surely this question must have been asked to most of my readers.
And the answer is two.
1 – A vow
2 – Sunnah belongs to Imam al-Sajjad (a.s.)
Today, let’s know, “Why do we shias wear a pair of clothes?”
What was the identity of the slave in Arabia?
Was it made on his forehead that he was a slave?
Or was there any other specific dress worn?
They will tell you that
The custom in Arabia was that when someone had to be enslaved, a “link” was put in his hands, feet or neck, which knew that he was not free, he was a slave.
So we who wear this pair.
It’s actually slavery.
It makes us feel that we are slaves of our master.
That’s why we didn’t accept slavery like you did.
The difference between slave and servant is that
A servant can leave his job whenever he wants.
But unless the master frees the slave, he cannot go into the slavery of anyone else.
That’s what the Sikhs are talking about
So ask a Sikh scholar.
Why do you wear this dress?
He will tell
“Baba Guru Nanak used to wear it”
Then ask, why did they wear it?
Then he’ll tell you that…
All the children born to his parents before Baba Guru Nanak died.
A dervish said to them, “The child who is born now
Making imam al-Hussain (a) a slave for 5 years.
His parents wore the name of Maula Hussain (a.s.) to Guru Nanak.
He survived and when he grew up, he wondered who Hussain (peace be upon him) was, whose bondage saved him from death?
Guru nanak was taken to Makkah, Madinah and Karbala.
That’s why Goronak said:
Jagat Guru Hussain Dooja Na Hoor Ko
Aisi Marni Died, Name Liu Jagro
Do you understand now?
This link is not the tradition of the Sikhs, but actually the slavery of Husayn (peace be upon him).
And remember, friends.
If you are wearing this pair with any other intention, take it off and then wear it again with the intention that.
From today I am a slave of Husayn (peace be upon him).
All the readers of the Qur’an know that there will be gold bracelets in the hands of the Jannatis?
Then now
Be proud of this link because.
In your hands or feet is the link of Ghulam-e-Husayn (peace be upon him).

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