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Noor Project Life-Changing Project

by Mian Habib
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Who knew that a child born in Samanabad will become a role model in social services, the child who himself has studied with zakat funds will achieve success and take the lead of a bright future for helpless low-resource children. State-of-the-art projects for those who have the pain of human well-being have set up on the ground and made a lab for the journey of change through them. Anyone whose heart wants to visit the Noor Project by going to EME Society Canal Road will understand that if someone decides that he has to do some work, then how it is implemented, this story is of a successful young man Amjad Wattoo who opened his eyes in Samanabad Lahore, his father had a general store, he belonged to a middle class family. All things were going on as usual that his brother, who was Hafiz Quran, suddenly disappeared, in search of which his father gave all his resources, after a year and a half, his brother was found but his house had changed from middle class to poor class.
Amjad Wattoo was an intelligent student, he studied in a great institution like Government College with Zakat Fund and along with education, he also helped his family by doing small things at night. He changed himself by reading and writing and then dedicated his life to welfare work to change the lives of thousands of people like him, he also worked abroad, now he is also doing business with brothers and the interesting fact is that the business of all the brothers is together and the coincidence is such that the enviable and ideal Amjad Wattoo got together with his friends. Founded the Karnoor Project.Our friend Sabir Bukhari, who is a very dynamic personality, invited us to visit the Noor Project and said that you will be spiritually happy to see this project. Due to whose leadership skills, the officers of the provincial service were able to get their rights after 75 years, they are also book, when we reached the Noor Project, two things impressed me a lot.
We have seen this quality of cleanliness only in the West, this school is visible, where the children of destitute low-resource families are given quality education like the most expensive schools in Pakistan, many of the teachers are foreign qualified, children’s books, uniforms are the responsibility of the sub-institution, but also transport to bring children. Look at the quality of cleanliness of Noor Project, if they can also maintain its fifty percent cleanliness standard in their institutions, then the fate of Pakistan will change because clean environment increases the efficiency of work. The credit for this goes to the management of noor project.
Dozens of projects are working under the auspices of Noor Project, in which vocational training institute is very important because there are teaching such skills to the youth which are needed in the market and this skill gets immediate employment after cooking. It is said that if one percent of the country’s population is skilled and they are taught English or Arabic, then they can bring revolution. A 70-bed hospital under the aegis of Noor Project is in the final stages of construction where the beneficiaries will get quality facility of free treatment because the performance of a dispensary and dental unit that is currently working is excellent. Noor Project is preparing food for 2,000 people every day, which is fed with arrangement, Noor Project people have announced that those who want to commit suicide due to poverty, unemployment or any reason should contact us only once. has kept
Noor Project is also working on a project of free legal aid, peace and professional services for solving problems, which will be launched soon, where there is a cry of problems all the time in Pakistan, while the personalities and institutions who have the pain of humanity in the society are playing their role for the betterment. Instead of removing insects, I should also appreciate the good works, there is no shortage of those who have pain and work in Pakistan, they should be encouraged so that the people of Pakistan come forward to follow them.

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