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Details of an informal brainstorming session

by Irfan Athar Qazi
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I have never seen such a bad situation in Pakistan in my entire life. There is disappointment everywhere. People have become mentally disturbed due to uncontrolled prices of electricity, gas and petrol, children’s education expenses, inability to run the affairs of daily life. Violence, extremism are on the rise. People’s stamina has responded. Relationships are weakening. Along with the population, the divorce rate is also increasing rapidly. Hatred reigns everywhere. No strategy to improve life is working. Our youth is frustrated with his future, he considers his future abroad more secure than Pakistan.
After all, what are the causes of these situations and their solution? Will we be able to come out of the darkness of despair and make a plan for prosperity, or will we, god forbid, reach the point where the return seems like a terrible dream? How worried and worried the scholars are about the future of Pakistan can be gauged from the conversations held in private gatherings of Happiness. Everyone asks the same question, sir, what will happen now? What could be more devastating than that? Will we be able to restore Pakistan’s dignity? There is a leader or political party who can correct the direction of the country and the nation. There seems to be a mountain of such questions, but no decision maker has a reasonable answer for how to climb the top of this mountain.
The gatherings are arranged, the debate continues. Sit-in is a matter of talk because these decisions are taken in cold drawing rooms beyond public gatherings, rallies, processions, party manifestos, and the few elites who have to make these important decisions seem to be happy and happy unaware of the economic situation of the country, even if the houses of the houses are destroyed by electricity, gas, petrol bombs. Decision-makers have nothing to do with this disaster.
Khalid Irshad Sufi Director Karwan Ilm Foundation, Shahid Nazir Chaudhry, Amjad Iqbal, Ashraf Sohail, Zabihullah Bilgan, Khalid Qureshi Director Muslim Hands and Qaiser Sharif spokesperson Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan, Mr. Zia-ul-Haq Naqshbandi (Al-Amin Academy) were present to offer Fateha and express condolences on the death of brother-in-law. On this occasion of grief and sorrow, an informal brainstorming session of more than two hours with Mr. Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Shami on the current situation in the country gave the participants the opportunity to seek guidance on the future in the light of past and present experiences. The session started with shami sahib’s non-political talk in a program of a private TV channel recently, where he was seen appealing to the benevolent Pakistanis at home and abroad.
The Caravan Knowledge Foundation, which was founded 19 years ago by Dr Ejaz Hasan Qureshi (Urdu Digest), is now running under his patronage. The sole purpose of this caravan is to give educational scholarships to such talented students who get admission in these educational institutions but parents cannot bear the burden of expenses. Karwan Ilm Foundation has so far given scholarships worth more than Rs 23 crore to about 8700 students. Pakistanis around the world should make more financial efforts to keep this caravan running. It is also worth mentioning here that under the supervision of Pir Zia-ul-Haq Naqshbandi under the auspices of Respected Shami Sahib and Mr. Sohail Warraich, Al-Amin Academy Shadman Lahore is an institution where children and girls whose parents cannot afford hostels, food and education expenses are provided free preparation of competitive examinations (CSS, PCS) and the above facilities. Hundreds of educated youth of this institution appear in competitive examinations By achieving significant achievements, they are fulfilling their responsibilities in high government positions.
“We have not learnt any lessons from the past. Ayub Khan convinced Pakistani businessmen, industrialists, investors all over the world that Pakistan has to be made a strong power in the world industrially. On the persuasion of Ayub Khan, all these people came together to give industrial development to Pakistan, invested in Pakistan, laid a network of industries, it was expected that Pakistan would quickly prove its iron on the industrial horizon of the world. We will even be able to fully manufacture and export world-class cars instead of assembling them. (Continued)

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