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Why consensus?

by Mazhar Barlas
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Mazhar Barlas

It is a matter of great happiness that the message has been given by the two responsible institutions of the country, the Supreme Court of Pakistan and the Pakistan Army, that the political parties should establish a consensus among themselves. Obviously, we cannot agree on corruption, nor can we agree on lawlessness, but consensus is needed to end the ongoing political, social and economic instability in the country. The situation should be peaceful and the environment should be business-friendly, from here poverty, poverty and unemployment should be eradicated so that the country can walk on the path of development.
According to Imran Khan, the solution to these problems is the election, but here a question arises whether the solution to these problems will come out from the election because the problem of Pakistan at this time is more economy than politics. In answer to this question, it can be said that any political government established after the fresh mandate can find new ways to solve these problems, can make better plans. Even more difficult times came upon the nations, but then the leaders found the solution to these problems. If the leader is good, he pulls the boat out of the whirlpool and puts it on the shore, and if the leader is incompetent and useless, he leaves the boat to the waves in the whirlpool, as the “experts” have been doing for a year. For the past one year, the boat of our economy has been on the waves in Manjdhar and the current economic team is steering the boat towards the deep waters instead of the shore.

All the claims of the current economic team have been swept away. Sorry! Our national political leaders do not pay attention to this. For the past one year, political leaders have enacted many laws in their favor. It is sad to say that they could not do anything for the people of Pakistan or Pakistan, but in one year they did nothing except lawsuits, arrests, detentions and roundups.
Attempts are being made to turn the recent tragic events towards Imran Khan or PTI. It is possible that the rulers have decided to hold PTI responsible for these incidents. I think this is not true because the people needed an opportunity to vent their anger and Imran Khan’s illegal detention gave them that opportunity. You should go deep and think that the rule of the last one year has made people’s lives very difficult. People are facing relentless inflation.

The flood of inflation and unemployment is swallowing people. The rate of poverty has increased tremendously. The poor were already longing for the necessities of life, the present rulers have made even the middle class poor. A spark is all that is needed in a country where millions are unemployed. Chaudhry Aitzaz Ahsan’s comment on the recent events cannot be ignored that the protestors reached the Corps Commander’s House after covering a distance of two and a half kilometers from the Liberty Market. They were stopped at a military post while entering and the troops could not reach to protect the Corps Commander’s house, this raises new questions.

There is also a beautiful comment from an ordinary citizen that our police and institutions identified the people involved in the recent incidents in moments, found their home addresses and reached their parents, then this whole year of theft, There are incidents of theft and robbery, why can’t our police find these criminals? I also submitted in the previous column that arrests and trials are not the solution to the problems. It will create hatred, but who listens to the voice of a parrot in the beak. The catch-up game is still going on.

Some girls were arrested in recent days. It is not known where these girls are kept, nothing is being told about them. It will increase hatred and anxiety in the society. There is also a question from the government officials that they don’t have sisters and daughters. After all, why are they playing a hideous game with the daughters of the nation? Jameel Abbasi of Lakhwal, who was sentenced to fourteen years under Zia-ul-Haq Martial Law, says, “Such violence and such desecration did not happen even during Zia-ul-Haq Martial Law.” At that time, women and children were not humiliated by vandalizing people’s houses, which is happening now.
In order to prevent such incidents, I am writing again and again and I am constantly saying that show prudence, arrests, trials and humiliation are not the solution to the problems, it breeds hatred. It is good if someone understands it, otherwise, Wasi Shah’s poetry is in the service of the rulers
The era of oppression cannot continue
You don’t have to stay in office forever

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