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Critical Moments in the History of Pakistan,

by Atta Qasmi
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Atta Ul haq Qasmi

There have been many critical moments in the history of Pakistan, our poet and writer sometimes expresses his opinion openly on such occasions and sometimes keeps a silent fast, it is a different thing that when the Muslims of India felt that the majority of them A large number of them gathered under the flag of Quaid-e-Azam, but our poet sat with his mouth full of ghee. There was no big name among them. However, after the formation of Pakistan, during the war of 1965, our poets played their full role.

Safdar Mir, a prominent intellectual of our left, stood on an open truck and shouted slogans of “Challo Wahge ki Sarhad Par” and encouraged the citizens to stand up against the enemy. Similarly, when President Soekarno raised the slogan of “Gunjang India” meaning “Destroy India”, Anjum Romani wrote a passionate song on this “musra pa”. Apart from them, more or less all the important poets wrote very beautiful and melodious rajzia songs.

When the heartbreaking tragedy of the fall of East Pakistan happened in 1971, our fiction writers and novelists directly or indirectly expressed their feelings in this regard. We see its highlights in the fictions and novels of Intizar Hussain, Tahira Iqbal, Khalida Hussain, Razia Faseeh Ahmed, Siddiq Salik and Masood Mufti. I have not seen any poem of the poet.
And today the country is going through the worst crisis in history, our enemy is united for the destruction of Pakistan and is once again using all its resources to tear our holy Pakistan into pieces. Bureaucracy and public have also been accused of each other, but our poet has reserved his opinion. It’s not that he doesn’t have an opinion, he’s also completely divided on the matter, but generally avoids voicing it just because it might affect his “ratings”. Don’t fall. It cannot be expected from the poet to jump into this battle with the slogan of “Takbeer” but the battles he is seen doing on Facebook regarding his poetry and defeating his “enemies”. He goes on to take out his sword from Niam and put the banks of boats in relation to the current situation of Pakistan.

But he should express his opinion from any platform. Today’s situation is not only political but it has to do with taking Pakistan forward or pushing it back. When poets and writers express themselves on this subject, they will do so in literary terms. There will be wisdom in it, not harshness, there will be softness, not to overwhelm the addressee, but to understand or explain. If anyone thinks that the long-standing problems of Pakistan will be solved by the game of fire and blood that is being played across the country, then he should also express his opinion in a reasoned manner and if anyone thinks that the current game is being played with the country. If he is, he should also express his point by keeping all the context in front, then this will be the service of Pakistan.
The human mind is also a strange thing. When I started this column, my intention was not only to focus on the situation of today or the past, but I wanted to write that writers and poets should not be oblivious to the situation around them, but should be aware of the situation around them. Along with the concept of man and you, the problems faced by the country and the nation should also be written in the realm of literature. In the past, the progressive movement did a lot of work in this regard and a whole batch of writers and poets devoted their pen to the description of human tragedy. On the other hand, the movement of Islamic literature was also launched, but it was not well received.

Apart from them, another wave was running along with them who were supporters of literature for the sake of literature, so the circle of Arbab Zouk was divided into two parts. One circle was called Arbab Zouk political and the other circle was Arbab Zouk literary. The literary circle included first-rate writers, but the interesting thing is that the biggest supporter of literature for literature’s sake was Awan Intizar Hussain, while for me he was a great political fiction writer. This debate went on for a long time. Now, although the forum of the progressive movement is no more, but this movement set the minds on fire and its profound effects are still visible on our literature today, as if the existence of an organization would end, if there was any compromise in its ideology. Its influence continues.
During this column, I saw a very sensitive article by Hameed Shahid. He has said the same thing that I was saying at the beginning of my column. You should also read this article: Forced to be spectators, he is filling his body with decay, not knowing when this spectacle will end.

There are many kinds of fears in which I am confused, will we be able to get out of this situation? What a quagmire we are sinking into. When I sit down to read and write, I get confused by my thoughts. The sorrow and anguish expressed by this writer of ours, every sensitive Pakistani is facing the same situation these days, we do not understand where we are going, who is taking us, sometimes it seems that he is ours. He is a friend and sometimes he seems to be an enemy.

We have been so confused that all of us writers have become confused like Hameed Shahid, when we sit down to write, our mind wanders here and there. Not talking about analysts

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