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Pakistani Mr. Putin

by Rauf Klasra
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It was heartbreaking to see Ali Zaidi in this condition. He prayed to remove their problems.
He remembered that evening two or three years ago, when he finished anchor Maria Memon’s show. I and Irshad Bhatti were also there.
When he saw me, he laughed and said, file our scandals, we are not going anywhere. We will rule till 2028. PTI will rule for the next ten years.
I don’t get confused anymore with people I file scandals against. Used to get confused. As I got older I realized how stupid this is. When someone criticizes me, I like that others will hug me.

In those days, I recently filed the GIDC scandal under which Imran Khan forgave his close donors and businessmen 250 billion rupees, most of which were his ATMs.
Well, after breaking this scandal, the matter reached the Supreme Court and the court declared Imran Khan’s decision wrong and ordered the recovery of 250 billion rupees. Imran Khan was angry about this and the anger reached such an extent that I had to give up the channel job.

My wife used to make fun of me saying that you are the only person in Pakistan who has saved 250 billion rupees from the mouth of the nation and in return you have lost your seven digit salary as a “reward” and now for several months. You are operating by borrowing from
I would be ashamed that I had committed a really big sin. The nation was happy to hang letters of their own choice and I was going to save 250 billion for them and shoot a big arrow towards me. Now for many months he was sitting unemployed at home and licking his wounds.
Well, it did not stop at the GIDC scandal, but also filed a few stories on Ali Zaidi Sahib, which included some big achievements of his friend from an IT company.

Ali Zaidi lived in the house of his friend in Islamabad, whom he later took to China with Prime Minister Khan, and on his return, this friend got a connection worth 84 million dollars in Peshawar Metro. Later it was found that the FIA had a case against this friend. It was the 17 Crore contract that this friend made with CDA and did not fulfill which the case was registered against.

The guy who could not fulfill the contract of 17 crores now got a contract of 40 million dollars in Peshawar and that case was still going on in FIA.
Now Ali Zaidi Sahib was standing there shouting at me that no matter what you do, nothing can be done to us. We will rule this country here till 2028.

They all planned that General Faiz would become the Army Chief in November 2022. Next year there will be a general election in mid 2023 which General Faiz will win like he did with General Bajwa in 2018. In return, General Bajwa was given an extension as a reward. General Faiz was to become the Army Chief after him.

Another loyal General of Imran Khan who had launched the Fifth Generation War was to become DGISI and take over from where General Faiz left to become the Army Chief.
A friend used to say that General Faiz has all the qualities that will make him the Putin of Pakistan. Before the next election, Imran Khan will change the law or lay the foundations of the presidential system through a referendum and, like Turkey’s Tayyip Erdogan, he will rule the entire country with ruthlessness.
In those days, Imran Khan was seen everywhere giving speeches in favor of the presidential system and explaining its benefits to the nation. He came to power thanks to the parliamentary system, but he liked Tayyip Erdogan as a role model. Tayyip Erdoğan, having become the prime minister three times, thought that the prime minister is also a position, if he becomes a servant, he becomes the president and like Russian President Putin, he dealt with his opponents with an iron hand.
Tayyip Erdogan’s role model was Putin, and as soon as he became president, Tayyip imposed a prison sentence for criticizing the president. Like Putin, he chewed the noses of his opponents. Thus Imran Khan also stole the same passion that he should become President instead of Prime Minister like Putin and Tayyip Erdogan.

Prime Minister is also a job where you have to answer to the whole Parliament. You can be removed by moving a no-confidence motion against you. Listen to the opposition, being the President, where you get a lot of powers, you cannot be removed from the President’s chair as quickly as you can remove the Prime Minister. He also wanted to become a powerful president and for this game he had been preparing himself for a long time.
The key role in this whole game was to be General Faiz Hameed, whom my friends called Mr. Putin. Seeing these friends happy, I used to say, just read who Mr. Putin is and what his job is, especially how he handles the media and opponents. Those of you who are making fun of General Faiz by making Imran Khan’s Putin, will be whipped in this square tomorrow.
Khair Ali Zaidi was very close to the military institutions in those days, rather he was pampered. Another friend of mine had extracted some dangerous documents from America against them by spending dollars. When that news reached Ali Zaidi, he recommended a general present at a wedding to this reporter to let him go.
In those days, if you remember, General Bajwa also used to call the anchors at Army House at night and threaten them that if they did not stop criticizing Imran Khan and did not stop creating problems, then he made a list of five thousand people. which can be eliminated to make the country developed.

When our journalist friend Mohammad Malik, who was present in this meeting, said something, General Bajwa said that the names of journalists can also be included in it. (Muhammad Malik himself later confirmed this to me). The then federal minister Faisal Woda also said in a TV show that if five thousand people are killed, everything will be fine.
All these things were happening openly when Imran Khan was the Prime Minister. These threats of bloodshed and massacre were being broadcast on TV, and the army chief was intimidating journalists by confirming the existence of the list. Such a list is said to have been prepared by former Army Chief General Asif Nawaz during the first term of Nawaz Sharif, but he did not give any respite. Although some people do not believe this list of General Asif to be correct, but it was also common in that era.
Be it General Asif Nawaz or General Bajwa, he took his list of five thousand people with him. Imran Khan could not become president like Tayyip Erdogan who would have hanged everyone in Pakistan in the style of Russia, Saudi or China. General Faiz could not become Putin by becoming army chief. While our friend Ali Zaidi could not govern continuously until 2028 and is currently in prison.
I remembered the words of Hazrat Ali (ra) that I recognized my Lord by the breaking of my intentions. A scheme or planning is made on earth by people who are intoxicated with arrogance and pride and power, while a scheme is made by God sitting in the heavens and we all know whose final decision or pleasure goes.

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