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Why attacks on Christian places of worship?

by Afzaal rehan
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Afzaal Rehan

Jaranwala is a town or town settled during the British era, which is a tehsil of Lyallpur (Faisalabad), it is a kind of Singham of Sheikhupura, Nankana Sahib and Faisalabad. In ancient times, there was a well with which there was a big tree with its dense shade, under which the travelers used to rest and drink water, because there were big roots of this big, which would also be hanging above. It is also the city of bhagat singh, a well-known character who fought against the British government.Bhagat Singh’s haveli is still here with the same name, many Indian pilgrims who visit Nankana Sahib, some of them also come here for pilgrimage. Before partition, there was a large population of Christians, Hindus and Sikhs, not only Muslims, but also Christians, Hindus and Sikhs, even today churches, gurudwaras and temples can be visited along with mosques, just as christian churches have been attacked here today.
Today, just as August 17 gives us the news of Zia-ul-Haq’s crash, august 15 also heals the wounds of the painful partition of the region, on the same day, Afghanistan in our neighborhood once again went into the darkness of Taliban repression. Historically, August 16, 1946 is remembered as Jinnah’s Direct Action Day, which was celebrated all over the Indian region, especially in Bengal, now this day will also be remembered as an attack on the Christians of Jaranwala, where according to the initial report, sixteen churches were set on fire, which not only burnt about a hundred bible or gospel copies but also other Christian literature and property. Their holy crosses were broken, and then their graves and their graves and their belongings were burned when they reached the cemeteries.
The details of how many houses were looted and how many were burnt in Christian settlements can be seen on social media, thank God that as soon as the atmosphere of blues was forming and people were gathering after the announcements in the mosques, their news also reached the Christian settlements. But they ran out of their homes, where they got shelter, some of them spent the night in the suburban fields and crops, so the lives of these oppressed people were saved, but the tears of Christian women can be seen flowing on it.
Many interesting scenes of the partition of 47 were left out of the eyes of the general public because there was not so much availability of cameras at that time, while today due to the development in the media, not only people managed to escape on time, but in the footage we can also see scenes of christian property being set on fire and breaking of crosses. How these incidents of arson with mixed feelings of hatred, contempt and anger have taken place, as many mouths are being talked about and the real facts are also clear to all of us, at present we are not ready to believe that no other nation in the world can cope with the ignorance, fanaticism and intolerance found in our nation.
On August 16, the kind of incident that has happened here in our Pakistan as usual, put your hand on the chest and say that if such an act had taken place in India or in a Western country regarding our Muslimness, then by now the protest procession would not have stopped here. Expel their ambassador. Our emotions, our emotions… are we the only emotions in the world, or are we human beings? Do other people have no human rights? You love your religious symbols.Don’t others love their religion? Don’t they love their religious symbols? When you break their idols and proudly say that our Falah Sahib has broken so many idols and express pride by calling yourself an idol-breaker, then why do you start crying if someone in Sweden or Denmark does such an act? It is an individual act of a few people there, but if the reality is reached, then perhaps we have runaway or wounded people, such as an Iraqi Arab recently. After all, who has created this kind of traditional Muslim psyche of ours or this Muslim mindset of ours, which gathers and flares up when the slightest announcement is made, then it is not good for what comes out.

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