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Narcissism and Imran Khan

by Bilal Ghauri
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Bilal Ghauri

The circumstances of the country do not change, history continues to repeat itself, so I thought why not remind me of some old things today according to the occasion. There are many versions of the ancient Jonah story about ‘narcissism’, one of which is that the god Zeus ruled the sky, he was a beautician. One day he encountered a beautiful fairy. She kept talking and Zeus didn’t realize the passage of time. His wife, Hira, did not like Zeus’s habit. When he cursed the beautiful fairy, she became a mere echo. Accordingly, this charming fairy was named “Echo”. She wandered in the forest. One day she saw the beautiful prince “Narcissus” who came for hunting, so she fell in love with him and started following him helplessly.
When the prince realized that he was being chased, he shouted, “Who are you?” “Echo” embraced him in disguise and conveyed his feelings and feelings. Prince Narcissus pushed him aside and rebuked his love and said, “Get away from me.” Hearing this, Pari’s heart broke. He cursed and said, “May you become captive to yourself, you fall in love with yourself and find no way to get this love.” The god of vengeance came to glory after hearing the sigh of the beautiful fairy “Echo” and decided to punish Prince “Narcissus”. One day, while he was thirsty while hunting and was wandering in search of water, he saw his reflection in the river. The god of vengeance provoked and tempted him so much that “Narcissus” himself became a lover and a lover himself. He became a victim of selfishness, he fell in love with his own image. “Narcissus” was lost in the thoughts of his own reflections in the water. He forgot to eat and drink and died sitting there on the banks of the river. When “Echo” got the news,She leaned towards him, but there was no “Narcissus” but a flower of narcissus open. Psychologists around the world agree that there are nine signs of “narcissism”, if a person has at least 5 signs, then it should be assumed that the person is suffering from this psychological disorder.
The first sign is to suffer from an immense sense of superiority. For example, I am smart, there is no one like me, I do not lack anything, I do not need anyone, the illusion of being superior to others, which is called the feeling of superiority, psychologists have made it clear that the feeling of superiority is also a form of inferiority. From the womb of this misunderstanding arises another misconception, which experts think is the second major sign of “narcissism” and that is to assert one’s right over everything. If they are part of a team, instead of proving themselves worthy of leadership through performance and hard work, they suffer from this illusion.
That’s their birthright. They consider themselves entitled to every position, they do not get into the hassle of legitimate or invalid in order to achieve it, because they have no problem in getting what they have the right to right in their mind, right or wrong. The third sign of “narcissism” is that when these self-centered people acquire a position, position or authority, they fall prey to unrealistic attitudes about success and power. For example, if a person is not able to be appointed as a messenger, if he is appointed chief executive due to someone’s affection, then he will become arrogant about his powers and power. He will begin to understand that all are indeed subordinate to him. The fourth sign of “narcissism” is that such people suffer from a great desire to be appreciated. He not only likes praise, flattery, affection and chastity, but he also wants to be praised at every moment, every step. The fifth sign is That they do not believe in relationships and relationships, no relationship matters to them. The sixth sign is that such people are brutally ruthless and devoid of empathy. The seventh sign is that they are arrogant and arrogant. They do not take into account the weak and do not hesitate to bow down to the strong. The eighth sign is that such people consider themselves unique and unique to everyone else. The ninth sign of “narcissism” is that such people think nothing but themselves. They think that if not me, then nothing, everything should be destroyed.
At the end of the column, it was thought that what was the need to explain all these details, if I had mentioned Mr. Imran Khan, the readers would have understood the meaning of narcissism. Indeed, they lived like princes, and during this time countless lovers showered their love and devotion on them.He sacrificed his soul, mind and soul. But then the curse of a beautiful beauty came into effect and they were confined to their own self. It is thought that the captivity of Attock Jail will end someday, but when will the captain be freed from the captivity of selfishness?

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