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What is Death?

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Jabir bin Hayyan (Father of Chemistry)
Imam Ja’far and Al-Sadiq (a)
“Teacher, O son of the Prophet (peace be upon him), tell me what death is.
Imam (a) said: Can jabir understand?
Jabir said, “If you think you are capable, explain it.
Imam (a) said:
“Jabir listen carefully, and understand that when you were in the mother of Shakam, you lived in dark curtains, where you were very small, so Jabir did not see the vastness and the light of that place.”
But you did not want to go from this dark place where I was very happy, because you did not see a place greater than this, that is why you started crying as soon as I came to this place. Because you thought that I was dying, but the people here were happy that this will be where I am born, when you leave this place and go to the next place, the people there will be happy that the tyrant is being born, the people here will be crying that the tyrant is dying.
Imam (a) said, “What the world calls birth is actually death, and what the world calls death is actually birth.”
Jabir is as much of a difference between the mother tongue and the place where it is between this place and the place next.
Just as I don’t want to come back to this place, i don’t want to return to the previous place, seeing the vastness of the next place.
Jabir remembered that as much as there is a difference between the mother and this place, the difference between this place and the next place, and the same difference is between this place and paradise.
“Whose chief is Hasnain.”

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