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Diary of Bushra Bibi

by Gee Tv
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How and to what extent Bushra controls Imran Khan, undeniable revelations have come to light.
Bushra’s own hand-written diary proves that Imran Khan is in complete control of Bushra and follows his orders.
This is reflected in the words in which Bushra is making Imran Khan a political dictation and even telling what and how will the PTI’s political strategy be and who will put pressure on the judiciary, army and government?
It is giving all these orders to Imran Khan on how to put pressure on the government, establishment and judiciary and how to run whom.
In this diary, humanity is ordering that such an atmosphere should be created and so much pressure should be put so that the court could not take any negative decision.
One of the most worrying of these revelations is that what prayers to ask Allah almighty and with what words, she is also dictating by writing to Bushra Imran Khan in a diary.
The rebellious words he has cleverly used to Imran Khan in prayer to brainwash the revolution is eye-catching.
Read below what else revelations have come out in this diary:
Bushra writes in the diary that;
“If governor’s rule is imposed, preparations should be made to close the legal team and the city, that is, there should be a strike.”
“From tomorrow, there is so much pressure that the court cannot give any negative verdict, that is, there are many people.”
“Don’t make an announcement first and don’t tell the party how many days you’re coming for.”
“From morning, a public atmosphere has to be created so that the court can not take any negative decision, it is better to get statements from big lawyers, just keep a pressure.”
Some of the key questions the lawyers have to ask and Khan did not say are:
“Whatever request we go with is not heard for justice?”
“Bandial has come, Nawaz had said that now let’s see how this government will remain.”
“Khawaja (Haris) sahib should ask who were his local facilitators in Azam Swati’s case?”
“Who is trying to spoil the situation in Pakistan?”
If you believe that this is authentic information, then let us also tell you what and how Imran Khan will eat in this diary, those orders have also been issued.
As soon as you wake up in the morning, drink kahwa + honey + juice.
Eat only kebabs + meat + fish in the afternoon with vitamins
Surprisingly, milk is allowed to drink only at 12 o’clock in the night.
Therefore, after reading this article, it is found that Imran Khan’s thinking and personality is in the complete captivity of humanity and he does not call Bushra a murshid for no reason.
It is also important here that from this diary
Hasty cracks can come up later, after which matters can become more serious.
We all pray that Allah almighty will give this country leaders who are free thinking and those who raise the false slogan of true freedom should first free themselves mentally.
God forbid that people get a chance to read the pages of this diary, otherwise people will not lose faith in Pakistan’s politics forever.

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