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A corrupt worshiper!

by Atta Qasmi
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Atta Ul haq Qasmi

He was a very lousy and bastard man. He was not only a bastard but also seemed to be a bastard. When he laughed at something absurd about me, I would realize that what I thought was just absurd was very stupid. He would clench his teeth and talk, in the meantime his face would be drawn. All the hair on his head could be counted. The nose was raised slightly above the front. If it was a little longer, it could be likened to an elephant’s trunk, its nostrils were wide, as if they were full of air. The color was wheatish, the eyes were like “cool dods”. He was a very rich man. There was property worth crores, but Allah had made every luxury and sustenance lawful, forbidden on him. He used to wear very cheap clothes, if he was ever dressed in a three-piece suit, he seemed to have just brought it out of the pitcher. According to him, no matter how many forms he changed, he had no ideology, no faith, but when necessary he used to wear every ideology and every belief, so sometimes he kept a beard and sometimes he used to shave, sometimes he used to go to the mosque.
He did not have a single business, but he used to work every two numbers and from it he had made property worth crores. He had a fake cosmetics factory in Lala Musa. He had also set up a pharmaceutical company on Sheikhupura Road, where fake medicines were manufactured. He also had contacts with the occupation group. In addition, he had married three wealthy widows one after the other, and he used to call their deaths a mere coincidence. One day he had some work with me. That day he had a cheerful laugh. I took advantage of the opportunity and said, “Chaudhry! Tell me one thing?” he said, gritting his teeth and turning his round eyes, “Sarkar! Ask,” I said, “You work number two, never felt a burden on conscience?” Hearing this, he laughed with his mouth so much that the “crow” of his throat began to appear. The answer was laughter. I asked, “And this is what you push into wagons and buses despite owning millions.
Don’t you get someone according to your status? Everyone mocks you, so what is the use of the wealth earned from these two numbers?” Have you ever seen a crore rupees collected?” I replied, “Not yet!” I said, “Then what do you know what wealth is and how can it be increased and managed?” I said, “Let’s assume I have no knowledge of this “science”, but tell me, Chaudhary, do you believe in death?” So there is a truth,” I asked, “do you believe in the Hereafter?” He replied, “Yes and after death, the calculation has to be done” I laughed and said, “If the calculation is to be done, then remember that the angels have already soaked 12 numbers in oil for you.”
He was about to get up and leave when I remembered that he had not answered the question of keeping his condition like orphans despite so much wealth. I go to my house and in another city or country and live in thathatbat. If I come here and live in thathatbat, people start asking for a loan or take millions of rupees as a hostage and demand a ransom of crores of rupees and the government does not earn the earnings of the right halal like this. It was the last meeting.
After a few days I came to know that he had died of a heart attack. One day I met his son. When I formally offered my condolences, he said in a full voice, “Father was very lucky that he died on the twenty-seventh night of the month of Ramadan. This blessing is bestowed only on the righteous servants of Allah. It was bequeathed that the Qur’an should be recited as much as possible for their reward, so far the Qur’an has been recited 100,000 times, and according to the father’s will, four people recite the Qur’an at his grave for six hours and so this process continues round the clock. You will, the angels of Dozkh will be left clenching their teeth!” he said, “What is the doubt about that!” I also have no doubt that if any of you have doubts, he should raise his hand!

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