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U.S. slaps 100 sanctions on Russia for Ukraine conflict.

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“Russian Businessmen, Financial Institutions, and Traders Targeted for Weakening Ukraine’s Capabilities”

The U.S. Treasury has announced nearly 100 new sanctions on Russia in response to the war against Ukraine. According to a report by a foreign news agency, the U.S. Treasury’s Foreign Assets Control Center on the Russian side during the war. Russian businessmen and Russian industrialists, financial institutions, and traders of technological products who weaken Ukraine’s capabilities have been sanctioned. It has been reported that around 100 sanctions will be imposed, while the US State Department has also sanctioned more than 70 people. added to the list. In a statement, it is said that Russia, apart from pursuing its own interests in the Ukraine war, has produced military equipment, and the Russian institutions that fueled this war have been included in the category of sanctions.

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