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Pakistan expects $3B from 5M-ton rice exports.

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Chairman Rice Exporters

“Ban on Indian Rice Boosts Demand for Pakistani Rice, Opening Up New Markets for Exporters”

Chairman of the Rice Exporters Association, Chela Ram, says that due to the ban on Indian rice, the demand for Pakistani rice has increased tremendously; this year the export of rice is likely to reach 5 million tons. From which 3 billion dollars of foreign exchange will be obtained, while addressing the press conference in Karachi, Chairman Rice Exporters Chela Ram said that this year the export of rice will reach 3 billion dollars for the first time. Last year, Pakistan exported 4 million tons of rice. Due to the ban on Indian rice, there is a huge demand for Pakistani rice. Chairman Rice Exporters said that Mexico has allowed the import of Pakistani rice after several years. After inspecting the plants, Pakistan has opened its markets for rice. The import of Pakistani rice from Russia has also been opened. Rice is buying; there is a demand of 2 lakhs more; Pakistan has had a bumper crop of rice this year.

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