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Two Sides of a Hideous Picture?

by Atta Qasmi
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Atta Ul haq Qasmi

My column today is very strange, its beginning is something else and the end is something else! Its beginning is the atmosphere of economic and political turmoil in the country. Inflation is increasing day by day due to which the life of those who earn 25,000 rupees per month has become miserable. It has become difficult to meet the expenses, hopelessness and despair is also being created from above regarding the future of Pakistan, as a result of which the capitalist class is trying to transfer its capital and business. Apart from the business people, one of our elite class. A number of people have acquired the citizenship of western countries so that when they are needed or are discharged from government jobs, they can flee the country on the first flight. There are also claimants of patriotism and Mujahideen who are the chief sellers of Islam, pilgrims, pilgrims, pious people and those who want an Islamic environment in their homes and those who shout slogans of Pakistan Zindabad. It can be inferred from this that the biggest motivating force is prosperity A life of peace and tranquility.

At present, millions of Pakistanis are citizens of western countries who, before obtaining citizenship, have to take an oath of complete loyalty to their former country and to the new country. After a couple of generations, there is no need for this oath anymore, it becomes a case of “Every ear is salt and salt”. Yes, they are invited and many of them also bring their children to this “godless environment”. Well, mosques are built by the first generation. They form a circle which has regular meetings, all this is done and done with good intentions, but how long will the children who study in their schools and colleges have the same curriculum as ours? They don’t, openness is created there, questions are raised, so those who get education from these institutions are either stuck between training at home and outside the home or both become one hundred. Various problems arise in the cases, but later generations generally take refuge in the environment outside the home. During my stay in the United States, I saw a daughter of the Mashaikh family in a swimming pool with men in swimming costumes. I had seen dipping with !

Now, if I sit here to preach that “why should one who has a dear religion and heart go to his street” then it will be an out of time ragini, this is not a solution to the problem. The solution to the problem is “immediate”. “Revolution is also considered, but it is not solved, many new problems arise from it. According to me, the solution to the problem is to review the current democratic system, as a result of which the leadership that suffers from deprivations can come forward, whose The state does not take the responsibility of accommodation and food, and the state is not responsible for their treatment and education, but how can these people take leadership, there are numerous obstacles in their way, they have to struggle continuously to remove these obstacles.

It is necessary, not very soon, but whenever this struggle will be successful and the people of the United States have succeeded in it, so there is no room for any bloody revolution, now there is justice in these welfare states, there is peace and order, the birth of a child. From till old age, the state is the custodian of their rights. If we can do this, although the word “if” in it indicates the difficulties of this path, nothing can be achieved by sitting. And at the end of this column, I would like to say that at this time a terrible atmosphere has been created in the country under regular planning, fire and smoke are visible everywhere. The beginning of my column today seems to be premature, but I have indicated in several of my columns regarding the emergence of such a situation that poverty, helplessness, helplessness, one day instead of a positive response, even those who have good intentions are like this. can play into the hands of the elements who want anarchy in the country, that anarchy can also fulfill their goals.

Not only the government facilities but also the national monuments which were a symbol of our pride have been burnt to ashes and this work has been taken from those whose patriotism I have no doubt about, they have been brainwashed that Whatever you do in this regard, there is a solution to your problems. The first part of my column today is related to this situation that when the deprived sections are not heard, incidents of self-immolation also come to light. This situation is also a result of the background that when behind-the-scenes hands make and topple governments, they bring in a ruler of their choice, and then these rulers sometimes show their eyes to them, and in order to extend their power for a longer period of time, the country They do not hesitate to put security at stake, this is what is happening these days and in this regard, the happiness of our eternal enemy India is to be seen. We continue to pray to God for the security of Pakistan, but we do not change our thoughts and our attitudes.

Finally, I will appeal to God to do something for the security and stability of Pakistan, as I am also a member of the same nation. They don’t do anything in this regard, they just keep looking at the sky!

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