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Arrest and Vandalism of Jinnah Arbiter?

by Afzaal rehan
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Afzaal rehan

A person who aspires to be a leader or a leader should not be afraid of arrest or going to jail. The field of politics is not like the cricket ground. If you want to do politics, then learn to endure hardships with patience and courage and say, “My Pakistanis, I am not afraid of going to jail. Don’t be afraid of the strong wind of the opposition, O eagle, it is moving to fly you high.”
Who will be more great than Mahatma Gandhi in our same land of India who spent years in jails. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Vallabhbhai Patel, Subhas Chandra Bose, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad and the great preacher of non-violence from our region of Pakistan, Bacha Khan Sahib, who were imprisoned in their own prisons and not those of foreigners, suffered for years. Azad Manshan is lined with human beings. Has the modern age ever seen a leader or leader greater than Nelson Mandela? Twenty-nine years of his precious life rotted in prisons, but apart from violence or hatred, he never let even the slightest spark of revenge arise in his mind. Did not accuse anyone, did not spread hatred, did not vandalize.

Despite this lengthy preamble, it has to be admitted that all these great and inspiring leaders were conscientious political prisoners who endured sufferings for the national cause. Just as they say “Ranjha ranjha kardi, ni mein ape ranjha hui” you call others thieves thieves and corrupt corrupt, you have proven yourself to be thieves and corrupt. Come on, if you are not sure yet, then it is going to happen. Which soldier or Patwari sent you to establish your own private Al-Qadir University with the stolen money while doing such a big corruption. Our big business tycoon Malik Riaz was fined 190 million pounds in the United Kingdom, which is worth about sixty billion rupees in Pakistani currency. Putting the state developer in the middle, 458 kanals of land in Sohawa Tehsil was transferred to the name of Zulfi Bukhari, and he was declared the trustee of the trust. Later, sitting in Bani Gala and misusing his official position, he acquired the ownership of his Begum Bushra Pirni and declaring himself as trustee. All those stories have been coming in the media about how the signatures were kept on keeping their cabinet in the dark.

The mysteries of the house had also sprung up a lot. The details of each and every act played by your adviser on accountability Shahzadakbar while taking a bribe of two billion will now be revealed to the public in this case. It is not too late for the rod of power to fall, it is not dark. The way you threw mud at innocent people, the way you humiliated the respectable politicians of the country. Undoubtedly, the same way he continued to jail his political rivals as a target of revenge. Nawaz Sharif I will not leave you. On my return from Washington, I will torture you in jail too, I will remove your AC. Rana Sanaullah, if nothing is found against you, I will make 15 kilos of heroin on you, taking false oaths from the one who gives life to Allah. I will not let you people sit in prisons from China. Politicians, will I make my opponents journalists a lesson as well? The way you made the chairman of the biggest media group like Mir Shakeelur Rehman suffer in prison for months for a crime you did not commit, you lied by making the worst reference to make a lesson for a good-natured and fair-minded person like Qazi Faiz Isa. The accusations left no stone unturned.

In the recent Ramadan iftar at his home, Darvish was telling Sohail Waraich Sahib in front of everyone that if the stick of nature did not rise or break in response to the atrocities that this person has inflicted on innocent people, then this stick of insignificance But faith will be broken. Last week, while meeting Mr. Shami, he said that based on his observation and intuition, he can say a lot about the future of political people. He will not be able to occupy the prime ministerial chair, he will be arrested and disqualified and his party will be disbanded.

Darwish always wished that this person should not be caught for any political struggle or political crime. Don’t control your sexual promiscuity or celibacy either because our current society trivializes such things or any such behavior is considered mere political vendetta. Darwish always pleaded with his friends that he should be caught in heavy and obvious corruption. Our people will consider Tosha Khana or Farah Gogi’s booty as insignificant and will indirectly consider it as trivial. Against Nawaz Sharif, these people, especially Saqib Nisar and Co., have pushed hard, but they have not found any evidence that they can prove in their kangaroo courts, even in the most futile case like Panama. It was also not well received by serious people who saw it as a mere act of revenge and part of a well-planned plan. Those who pronounced this false sentence got more chalk on their dark faces. Today, time is bringing out all the truths based on the innocence of Nawaz Sharif. In place of the revelations made by the audio leaks, almost all the facts have been revealed in the interviews of the criminal planners themselves.

Today the big money used in planning to destroy Pakistan has come under the grip of the law, so the vandalism in the reaction has also become much clearer to understand the origin. It should be thankful now that the PML-N has made the cruel NAB law fair to a large extent, otherwise this arbiter of ours, like Jinnah, has been using it, under it, he could not have been guaranteed for 90 days. Now if he is granted bail after 14 days or even earlier, the evidence is so strong that his political disqualification will be assured for at least five years. A life sentence is despicable and barbaric that no one should get. His party, which Dervish thinks of as Mange Tange Ka or Bhan Mati’s family, is not a political party, which is actually just a pressure group, mostly PPK. Fugitives are included. It is assumed that under changed circumstances they will return to their party after emotional or enthusiastic intoxication. Action will be taken against them who set fire while vandalizing. May God forgive them, the way the riots were going on, the sad scenes of five centuries ago came before the eyes of the dervish. The same looting and the same hatred, but then the people of other religions who were being cut like carrot radishes, now, thank God, no lives were lost. In fairness, this artificial party deserves the same kind treatment that Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser gave to the Brotherhood. What happened to the violent jihadists of These brothers of ours need to understand the philosophy of non-violence today and follow it like Bacha Khan, otherwise we will have the same situation with violence, revenge and hateful feelings that today’s Talabani Afghanistan is going through.

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