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The Ethics of Imam Sadiq (peace be upon him)

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All our Imams were exemplary models of ethics and teachings of Islam in their respective eras, as you yourself used to say to your followers, “Be callers to people without your tongues but through your actions and conduct.”

The entire life of the Imams (peace be upon them) was a complete lesson in Islamic teachings. They were not bound by any “famous” individual’s rulings, except that they first and foremost acted upon them, becoming true and honorable Muslims. They were a role model for every era and a lesson for every individual.

Let’s observe a few aspects of the ethics and conduct of Imam Jafar Sadiq (peace be upon him) –

Imam Ali (peace be upon him) while working said:

“It is the nobility of Ali to work. On a hot day, I saw Imam Jafar Sadiq (peace be upon him) on a road in Medina, going for some work. I expressed my willingness to sacrifice myself for him, for the closeness and kinship he has with Allah and His Messenger. Why did you trouble yourself in this hot weather?”

The Imam (peace be upon him) replied:

“I have come out to earn my livelihood so that I can become independent and self-sufficient like people such as yourself.”

Imam and the Wine Table: “Hārūn ibn Jahm, it is surprising that I, amazed as I was, saw a military officer inviting his family members. Among them, Imam Ja’far Sadiq (peace be upon him) was also present. Food was brought, and a person asked for water. Instead of water, a wine goblet was presented.

Imam Ali (peace be upon him) stood up and said:

“That person is distant from divine mercy and cursed who sits at a table where wine is being consumed.”

● Condition for the emancipation of a slave: Ibrahim bin Bilal says that I have seen a document of emancipation of a slave by Imam Jafar Sadiq (AS), in which the Imam had written. Jafar bin Muhammad freed this slave for the sake of divine pleasure, without expecting any reward or gratitude from the slave, on the condition that he performs prayers, pays Zakat, performs Hajj pilgrimage, observes fasting in the blessed month of Ramadan, and remains aloof from the enemies of God. Three individuals had attested to this document.

● Patience and perseverance: The practice of Imam Jafar Sadiq (AS) was that he would gather bread, meat, money, and other items in a bag during the nights and would carry it on his shoulder to distribute among the poor in Medina. None of them recognized the Imam. However, when the Imam (AS) was martyred and this assistance ceased, people came to know that it was the presence of Imam Jafar Sadiq (AS).

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