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The Zionist War Doctrine

by Aziz Khan
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Aziz khan

Pakistan is the last obstacle on our way. Army is the biggest protector of Pakistan. Pakistan’s nuclear capability, missiles and tactical weapons make it invulnerable. The scattered nation of Pakistan also unites against the external enemy and fights side by side with the army in defense of the country. Pakistan cannot be defeated militarily.

There is only one way to destroy Pakistan and that is to paralyze it economically and socially, to create public hatred against the state and the army, to incite the people against the state and the army. And civil war should be started in Pakistan. Our agents in Pakistan will invite the international forces to intervene in Pakistan by making civil war the basis.

We will launch a four-pronged ground and air attack on Pakistan during the actual civil war. We will attack Pakistan from Afghanistan, Iran, India and the sea. With the help of armed fighters and local separatist elements from Afghanistan, Iran, India and sea, we will make Pakistan a living hell and encircle the army and force it to surrender.

After disarmament, we will seize Pakistan’s nuclear, missile and tactical weapons. All military installations and important industries will be destroyed. After dethroning Pakistan, we will declare our victory and Pakistan will be divided into five small independent states. These riyas will be apparently independent but they will be fully controlled by us. From here, the world will be supplied with agricultural commodities, cheap and efficient labor for industries, and beautiful young women for the global industry of courtship and prostitution.

After the end of Pakistan, the way will be paved for the establishment of The Greater Israel and Maha India, and the entire Islamic world from East to West will be at our mercy.

Aziz Khan,
Founder and Chairman,
The Greater Pakistan Movement,
Islamabad, Pakistan,
May 18, 2023

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