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Mint Margarita

by SyedMujtabaNaqvi
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In five-star hotels, there are some drinks that are prepared very easily and cheaply, but their names are difficult and the price speaks to the sky. Some of these drinks are very beneficial and delicious for summer. Today’s post in this series is related to Minute Margarita.

Grind the green leaves of mint and make a paste and keep it in the fridge. When needed, take it out and make a drink using the following method
If you want to make four glasses, add two tablespoons of mint paste or the same amount of green leaves + two tablespoons of sugar + one cup of finely crushed ice + four lemons and four glasses of Seven Up or Sprite.
Put everything in a juicer and run the juicer for two to three minutes and pour it into the glasses. Your “mint margarita” is ready.
After drinking it, you will feel cold in your chest. It is very beneficial in summer.
These four glasses will cost you a thousand in any five-star hotel.

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