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The real way to talk to women!

by Atta Qasmi
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Atta Ul haq Qasmi

We used to meet women pioneers of women’s freedom movement in America and we used to have “scholarly discussions” with them, but in Pakistan we could never meet them twice, but we were told about someone that it was She is a preacher of the rights of both women and men, so it became clear after only meeting two or three times that she is demanding equal rights from men, but she expects men to stand up and meet her, and when men If you come to the party, stay seated, don’t answer any of their harsh words in a harsh tone, even if you abuse them, don’t be rude.
However, what happens to us and you being jealous in this regard? Well, if you are honest, all these things that I have done are just because of my talkativeness, because what I said was only to fight for the rights of women. The women of Vali keep protesting against all kinds of injustices happening to women, but they have never paid attention to one injustice and this injustice is in the context of addressing women, it can be explained in the following way: If you want to address a man in a letter, how many words are there for him, such as Mukarmi, Msdi, Aziz, Dost, Qibla and Kaaba, Huzoor-i Wala, Brotheram and Puro Murshid etc. Help can also be sought, whose names are probably kept to ease this difficulty, while there is a severe shortage of such words to address women. In response to Ms., if she is addressed as Ms., in view of the way the word “Ms.” is used in the language of the hero in our films, he also wants to speak a regular dialogue after saying Ms. . In the same way, women can write the words dear friend in response to a dear friend, but those who do not fall under this category, by writing this word, their sex is in danger. Now Qibla and Kaaba is a good word, but it is only reserved for men. You cannot call a woman Qibla and Kaaba. From this addressee, it seems as if a bird seller in Banu Bazar made a sound.
The problem of calling Piro Murshid remains, if someone thinks that he has done justice to his language and addressee by making him a Pari or Murshidi, then he himself will be punished for it, because it is at his own risk to slander a woman as a Pari. Yes, there is also a word “Anjinaba” but I don’t know why I like its tone like this and it feels like someone is being mocked instead of being addressed. It seems like something late, so now the ball is in the court of women pioneers of feminism, if they are sincere, then they should raise their voice against men’s monopoly on words at the earliest opportunity.
The reason why feminist women have drawn attention to this important issue is that actually the colonial nature of male colonialism is reflected in this background and that colonial nature is that it is ready to give only one place to women and This place is the one that is colored in the picture, so the diwans are full of interpretation and interpretation of this idea. You see that all the poets make the subject of the ghazal only the beloved, they never make the wife i.e. his wife, so till today Maulana Apart from Hali, no one has been able to fulfill the rights of wives in their poetry, this fact has actually come to the attention to say another thing and that is that these same poets and their brothers and sisters have their passions. To complete it, how many soft words have been used by the addressee for innovation, such as Jan Man, Jan Janan and twenty other such words, each of which comes out of the mouths of nobles, but as soon as this relationship disappeared from the middle, this eloquent The people of Al Bayan have become dumb and they have left such kind of speech for us. That these are the real women, the rest of the poor are cows and buffaloes.

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