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Trial of civilians under the Army Act?

by Bilal Ghauri
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Bilal Ghauri

Narrative-making has always been the captain’s specialty, but this time it is not. It has become difficult to determine whether the May 9 attacks on military installations were the captain’s fans and it was all done as a reflexive reaction or so the militants thought. They committed mischief under a perceived plan. Those who broke the idol of fear and left their homes, are PTI heroes or zero? Mahatma first said, “It will happen”. Then he said, “I was in jail, what do I know?” And now Pantra has changed and put all the responsibility on the agencies. But the most ridiculous interpretation has been presented by the new president of Tehreek-e-Insaf, Chaudhry Parvez Elahi. Everyone was watching the spectacle, the real culprit is Mohsin Naqvi, he should be punished, the government deliberately did not try to save the government and military installations, a clear and transparent inquiry into the events of May 9 was a secret of the government in Tawan. The hand will be exposed.
“For the first time, an accused person has presented the justification in his defense that he was not stopped, so not only should he be acquitted honorably, but someone else should be punished in his place. The problem has been removed, Tehreek Labeek during your government. protested violently, why were cases filed against them, according to this logic, you should have been punished? Remember, in October 2009, terrorists belonging to Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan occupied GHQ in Rawalpindi. Kirlia, the law enforcement agencies failed to stop this unexpected attack. Later, the arrested terrorists were given the death penalty. Guide me, according to your reasoning, who should have been punished? It is said that after TTP, PTI succeeded in infiltrating and spreading terror. Perhaps the rank and status of both are the same. Both these organizations once enjoyed the status of darlings of the establishment. The situation was invaded. The biggest lesson of this adventure is to never make the mistake of suddenly turning away from a girlfriend, because she knows all the secrets, all the ways, so she can be at any time. It can enter your house and make a mess, be careful.
The lesson for ex-girlfriends is that once a breakup is over, there’s no point in going back and forth and stumbling upon new ones. It seems from the announcement of the Corps Commanders’ Conference, the Punjab Cabinet and then the National Security Committee meeting that the decision to take action under the Pakistan Army Act and the Official Secrets Act against those who vandalized, burned and encircled and targeted military installations on May 9. What has been done. Does the action under the Official Secrets Act mean that some house spies were also involved in these incidents and they will be tried. The question is whether a civilian can be court martialed under the Pakistan Army Act. Section 21D of the Army Act 1952 contains two provisions under which civilians can be tried. Even in this case, the army can try him under the two-day rule. can be tried.’Under Section 131 of the Pakistan Penal Code, if a person is found guilty of inciting an officer of the armed forces to mutiny, the punishment is death and in this case also court-martial. Apart from this, under this law, the criminal can be punished with life imprisonment or ten years imprisonment and fine. According to the Article Two One Day of the Army Act, the case of any civilian can be brought to the 31st day and he can be court martialed. But for this, it is necessary to file a case against this civilian in a police station and the permission of the magistrate. When the power was in the hands of Mr. Imran Khan in “New Pakistan”, many civilians were court-martialled under the Army Act. For example, Retired Major General Zafar Mehdi’s son Askari Mehdi, who is a computer engineer by profession, wrote a letter to Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa about getting an extension, for which he was sentenced to five years imprisonment by a military court. Sentencing. Social activist Idris Khattak was court martialed and sentenced to 14 years in prison. According to Colonel (Rtd) Inam Ur Rahim Advocate, a total of 25 civilians were court martialed during the 6-year tenure of General Qamar Javed Bajwa.
PTI has sown the harvest of fascism and oppression during its rule, now it has to be reaped. The deep ditch they dug for their political opponents, now after falling into it, they are losing basic human rights. The decade is giving. But democrats like us where we stood yesterday, are still standing on the same stand today. The trial of civilians in military courts was illegal yesterday, it is still illegal and wrong. They created terrorism courts and after October 12, they were tried in the same courts. This is the lesson of history, but unfortunately, we don’t learn anything from history.

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