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THE PDM government passed 322 bills

by Gee Tv
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National Assembly

The Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN) has released a report on the performance of the National Assembly in five years. According to the report released by FAFEN, 322 bills were passed in the outgoing assembly 55 percent more than the previous one, chairman PTI’s attendance in the assembly was 9 percent, Shahbaz Sharif’s 17 percent, the 18th National Assembly faced complex political, economic, judicial and constitutional challenges. The report said that the National Assembly passed 322 laws, this assembly also passed a large number of private bills, the number of bills passed by private members was 99. Fafen’s report said that the National Assembly separated the Prime Minister from the successful no-confidence motion, in the past the no-confidence motion against two prime ministers failed, after 1977, the Prime Minister voluntarily dissolved, this was the first assembly.According to the report, in the 16 months of the PDM government, 54 percent of the total legislation was done, in three and a half years of the PTI government, 46 percent of the legislation was made, in 52 meetings of the assembly, 1310 hours and 47 minutes were processed. The report said that former prime minister Shahbaz Sharif attended 9 percent of the meetings, Shahbaz Sharif attended 17 percent of the meetings as prime minister, Shahbaz Sharif attended 27 percent of the meetings as the leader of the opposition. In the report, Fafen further said that out of 108 sessions of the National Assembly, quorum was identified 131 times, in five years, the session had to be postponed 96 times due to lack of quorum, in the National Assembly session, 74 times protests were held inside the House. The duration of these protests was 34 hours and 54 minutes. The National Assembly passed 69 bills related to education and research, 62 bills were passed to charter 62 institutions of higher education and research, 63 bills were passed regarding FATF rules, business and economy, 33 laws were passed regarding higher and district judiciary. According to the report, the National Assembly passed 152 resolutions on various issues, 9775 questions and 423 calling attention notices were asked in the meetings, the 15th National Assembly made the national anthem, a hadith mandatory before the session.

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