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Foreign diplomats, personalities on Independence Day

by Gee Tv
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On the occasion of Pakistan’s 77th Independence Day, domestic and foreign greetings are going on. “On this day, we recognized Pakistan as an independent and sovereign state, I commend the State House of Texas for accepting the historic resolution recognizing March 23 as Pakistan Day in the state capital, the United States is Pakistan’s largest export destination and I am confident,” prominent foreign diplomats, including Congressman Jasmine, Texas, said in a special message. Our relationship is getting stronger. “Let’s continue to work together in the future, Happy 76 years of independence and many years to come,” he said. Happy Independence Day. Similarly, the Deputy Director of Beijing Jantai Art Museum, while congratulating Pakistan on behalf of The Beijing Jintai Art Museum, said that this year along with the 10th anniversary of the long-term China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, the 10th anniversary of China’s One Belt Road Initiative is also being celebrated. “I wish that Pakistan-China friendship should be evergreen,” he said. “I want to use this platform to participate in Pakistan’s Independence Day celebrations,” Sun Chao, head of the Road and Belt Programme, said in a special message on the occasion of Independence Day. He said that Pakistan is a beautiful country with a diverse cultural heritage, natural resources, youth population, and natural landscapes, it is a country of very sociable and warm people who are known for their unity, faith, and discipline, this year is very special for both countries, we are and will always be friends. Sun Chao said that the whole of Pakistan “Happy Independence Day”

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