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The nation is still looking for an Islamic and prosperous Pakistan

by Siraj ul haq
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Siraj ul haq

Pakistan is the first state to come into existence on the basis of the universal and immortal ideology of Islam on the planet after Madinah, the establishment of Pakistan is undoubtedly the great miracle of the 20th century. Nations survive on the basis of their ideas, the existence of those who lose the destination and forget their ideas, the universe does not tolerate for long and those letters are erased like wrong. Pakistan is without its ideology like a body without a soul, the day of August 14 is very important in fostering the spirit of national thought and patriotism. In order to bring our future generations in line with the lofty objectives of the establishment of Pakistan and to realize the dream of making the State of God an Islamic and welfare state, it is necessary that we keep alive the memory of the unparalleled sacrifices made for the movement of Pakistan and the achievement of Pakistan. Hakeem-ul-Ummat Allama Muhammad Iqbal dreamt of a Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, worked day and night to achieve the dream and then millions of Muslims of the subcontinent offered their blood and got a piece of land, is this the same Pakistan? After seeing the bodies of their innocent children hanging on the spears and sisters and daughters jumping in rivers and wells to save their honor, and the bodies of their young sons in the dust and blood, in which the desire to live had died, now they found life dear and they would cry out spontaneously that we have lost everything even after losing a lot. Pakistan has been found, so we have no sorrow for the separation of our loved ones, the destruction of homes and the burning of settlements and cities.
The purpose of the creation of Pakistan was not limited to the attainment of a state. In fact, according to the command of Quaid-e-Azam, we have to establish an independent and independent state in which Muslims can live according to the principles of their religion. The founder of Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, in his 114 speeches and speeches, had expressed his determination that the constitution and constitution of Pakistan would be subject to the Quran and Sunnah. When he was asked what would be the Constitution of Pakistan? He said, “We do not need any new constitution and constitution, our constitution is the same as that which Allah almighty gave us 1400 years ago in the form of the Quran.” Hazrat Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah had said, “We want to get Pakistan as a laboratory of Islam, not just for a region of land, where we can live our lives according to the Quran and Sunnah and adopt Islam as a way of life.” Until the nation follows the instructions of The Founder of Pakistan Hazrat Quaid-e-Azam and achieves the realization of the dream of Allama Iqbal, the purpose of the establishment of Pakistan will remain incomplete.Today, pakistan’s sovereignty, independence and integrity are under dark clouds, the nation’s independence and sovereignty have been mortgaged to the IMF and the World Bank. There was no shame in accepting humiliating terms for just $1 billion in loans. The entire financial system and the State Bank have been given under the supervision of the IMF. Earlier, negotiations were held between the government and the IMF for the loan installment, now imf employees from both sides decide whether the installment will be released or not. They are rubbing salt on the wounds of the nation by repeatedly talking about Pakistan defaulting like Sri Lanka by the previous and present rulers.
The Constitution of Pakistan guarantees the fundamental rights of the people. The backward and deprived sections have been assured of providing basic necessities of life, protection of legitimate interests of the common man, welfare of every citizen and elimination of all forms of exploitation as well as loyalty to the state have been given great importance. They sacrificed their lives and the Islamic subcontinent made the largest migration in human history. The ruling elite of the country wants to keep the people as slaves and their servants, the political leaders and landlords sitting in the assemblies are the biggest obstacle in the way of the rule of law. The focus of their politics is to keep themselves free from all kinds of legal restrictions. The dream of supremacy of law in the country cannot be realised unless it is adhered to by the ruling class itself and no state is entitled to be called a democracy unless the will of the people is considered valid.In order to make Pakistan a welfare state, we have to keep in mind its basic objectives. The foundation of Pakistan is La Ilaha Illa Allah Muhammad Rasulullah and the country’s prosperity and public welfare are associated with this foundation.
On the one hand, there is a dream in the eyes of the nation, which could not be realized for five centuries and on the other hand, political parties have become private limited companies, in which big criminals have taken shelter. The democracy and democracy that created Pakistan has become a child jamora and there is no one to listen to democracy. Martial law and dictatorship have wasted 76 years of the country and the nation, the dream of people’s rule has not yet been fulfilled and democracy, which thrives under the shadow of dictatorship, has always blooded the aspirations of the people. Dynastic and hereditary political parties imposed the worst dictatorship in the name of democracy. These are not political parties, but clubs where elders and landlords have taken shelter.Instead of public and national service, these looters looted national resources and built huge properties abroad. Trillions of dollars have been looted from the country and transferred to Swiss banks, we raised our voice against this corruption in parliament, high court and people and demanded accountability of all. The same people are now gathering in THE PTI and trying to save their corruption and digest the loot.
The fact is that Pakistan is not complete without the independence of Kashmir, there is a need for the nation to start the “Movement for Completion of Pakistan” on the lines of The Pakistan Movement so that conspiracies to sabotage the ideology of Pakistan and the Constitution of Pakistan can be foiled. The supremacy of the Constitution and the rule of law are necessary to run the system of any state. According to an international survey report, Pakistan ranks 98th out of 102 countries in terms of law enforcement. Due to lack of rule of law, corruption, poverty, ignorance, imbalance and extremism arise and without accountability, the rule of law becomes meaningless. The majority of our people are deprived of their rights only because they do not understand their rights and the landlords, elders and capitalists imposed on power want to keep the people captive to the darkness of ignorance and on the basis of the prejudices of nationality, language and sects.

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