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Drugs and violence

by Tanees Naeem
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tanees naeem

Believers! When you are intoxicated, do not go to the prayer until you understand what you say with your mouth. (Surah Al-Nisaah verse 43) Drug poisoning and living bodies from house to house is a contemporary tragedy that has paralyzed life. According to a report, the number of drug addicts in Pakistan is 7.6 million, of which 78 percent are men and the remaining 22 percent are women. These drug addicts are increasing by 40,000 annually. Due to which Pakistan is among the countries affected by drugs in the world. Drug addiction is a complex disease that affects a person’s brain and behavior. Family problems, mental illness, poverty and dirty relationships are common causes of drug addiction in Pakistan. Drugs are something that creates a desire for intoxication in the human body. The use of drugs starts with small things such as cigarettes, paan, snuff, etc. It is an addiction that spoils the houses of the houses because a person does not insist on himself, he does whatever he does in an intoxicated state and there are some things in them that he does not even remember later. Drugs in Pakistan come from Afghanistan. There are many types of drugs in which the most commonly used drug is cocaine, heroin, hashish, ice, marijuana. Ice and marijuana are currently the most commonly used drugs in Pakistan. At present, the most expensive drug in Pakistan is cocaine and the cheapest is ice. A question that arises here is who can get drunk. Every person’s body and mind are different and people also react differently to drugs. Some people like this feeling for the first time and want it more and some people do not like it. They don’t try again. This addiction can occur to anyone at any age. If you’re depressed or constantly anxious, you may get addicted more quickly because you’ll turn to it again and again to find solace. If a person has grown up in family problems, he can also turn to drugs to end his problems. According to the results of the survey, drug use is increasing in Pakistan’s universities. If seen, the children of rich people in Pakistan are currently using the most drugs. There are some people who sleep drunk at night and ask for drugs as soon as they wake up in the morning. These people mostly use alcohol and when they are drunk, the respect of the woman does not matter to them. At this time, the employees of their homes are the victims of their cruelty. But she remains silent for the sake of running her home and respecting her parents, and if any of them raises their voice against the abuse of her, they are silenced by showing their strength. How long will this continue? And if you pay attention to the other side, it is seen that today’s generation who use cigarettes when their parents stop them, they say that it is men who drink. Have we ever read in a book that it is permissible for a man to drink or smoke? The knowledge is that now even some women have become addicted to drugs. Alcohol, cigarettes, etc. are common for some women. And because of these women, other women are also defamed. Addiction is an addiction that destroys homes. A mother takes away her son, a wife her husband, a daughter her father. There are some relationships in a person’s life that are dearer to him than his own life, which he never wants to lose. But addiction does everything that a person has never thought of. A daughter who has a lot of faith in her father, there comes a time in her life that she hesitates to make the same father stand with her and take the same father somewhere with her. It is not necessary that he is a father, he can also be his uncle, grandmother or uncle. A mother who can never think of removing her children from herself, why does the same mother throw the children dear to her life out of the house?But it is only known to the family of an intoxicated person because what he is doing is drunk, he does not even remember anything later, but the pain that his family suffers. Just as there are different types of addiction, the condition of a person is also different after every addiction, some people physically torture their close people after intoxication, in which his children and wife come. And some people are mentally afraid after intoxication, which is more dangerous, repeating the same thing, saying the same thing for several hours and if they are not obeyed, they do physical violence and it is said that mental violence is more painful than physical violence. As long as these people continue to get money for drugs, they are fine and as soon as they refuse, they torture, then gradually come down to selling the things of the house, there is nothing more than intoxication for them, they can also sell their sister, wife and daughter to meet their demand. And sometimes they abuse their own sister or daughter to satisfy their senses under the influence of alcohol. What is the fault of a woman who is intoxicated, why should she be sold and sold in a drunken state? Support from your healthcare provider, family, friends, support groups, or a structured treatment program can help you overcome drug addiction and stay drug-free. Intoxication is not a matter of bravery.

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