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The role of regeneration in the development of the nation

by Rana Ijaz Hussain Chohan
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Rana Ijaz Hussain Chohan

The period of youth is the period when the intentions, passions and energies of human beings are at their peak, if the nation and the country cannot benefit from these emotions and energy, then it is a great loss. Fortunately, Pakistan is among the 15 countries in the world whose more than half of the population consists of young people. These young people are those who are full of talent, whose ambitions are high, who are not disappointed and who love their country and are proud of being Muslims. And when the youth of the nation have high morale and passion to do something for the service of the nation, then that nation attains the position of high values by attaining the level of progress. And if there is disappointment among the youth of the nation, then the future of this nation becomes dark. Unfortunately, today the youth of Pakistan are facing more problems and difficulties to move forward and progress. Without solving the problems of the youth, neither development can be possible nor a better society can be formed in the country. Unemployment is one of the biggest problems faced by the youth in Pakistan, the lack of jobs and difficulty in getting employment is licking the skills of the youth. Healthy entertainment opportunities are not available for the youth. It is regrettable that quality education is still a dream for our youth, especially the poor youth do not have access to general education and technical education as per the requirement.
Along with acquiring knowledge, the youth are also facing difficulties in getting better moral training, due to which the youth are getting inclined towards negative activities. While our universities and colleges have become degree distribution machines, the purpose of education is not just degrees, but the real purpose of education is to shape the future of the youth. After retirement from education, when the youth do not have jobs according to their knowledge and art, then this situation of unemployment becomes complicated. And evils such as social insecurity, lawlessness, disorientation and drug use arise among the youth, while robberies in banks and homes, and poor law and order situation, also seem to be unemployment and difficulty in getting jobs. Due to this situation, most parents of poor families put their children on hard labor instead of sending them to school due to poverty. By which the young man is able to support the family, but without acquiring knowledge, he does not have the strength and understanding of the good, evil and understanding of the society and thus his abilities disappear a little quickly. In addition to acquiring knowledge, the media of this modern era can play an important role in the high standard of living of the youth, and their excellent moral training. But our TV channels are also losing their quality day by day in imitating the mother-father-free mixed society, due to which the majority of TV programs and channels are devoid of attractive entertainment, while the youth are interested in watching Indian dramas and Western channels. The role of our media in inculcating national thinking among the youth has been very low, most of our TV channels seem to be involved in the race for ratings rather than moral training of the society. If the media plays its role responsibly, then a new thinking, new passion, new aspiration can be developed in the youth of the country.
The developed nations of the world pay special attention to the education and training of their youth for the development, stability and peace of their country and society, and special steps are taken to solve their problems, because if the youth deviate from the right path, the society becomes unstable. Unfortunately, like many other sensitive issues in Pakistan, there has always been a lack of clear planning to solve the problems of the youth. In order to become a healthy and conscious nation, we have to guide our youth in the right direction and for this, government institutions, parents, teachers, civil society institutions as well as all schools of thought will have to fulfill their responsibility, so that our youth today can become active and conscious citizens. If the younger generation is not educated, skilled and talented, it is nothing more than an economic burden. It is necessary that our government does not consider the youth as a burden, because the destinies of nations are in the hands of the youth. They should be provided with better employment, promotion of healthy activities, and adequate opportunities for playgrounds and recreation. Local youth can be encouraged by promoting regional sports in different parts of the country. While the youth of the country should also pledge that they will play their role in the development of the country by utilizing their capabilities, their knowledge and art, while facing disappointments and difficult situations.

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