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The king’s concubine and prince

by Gee Tv
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Her only fault was that she was just the king’s concubine. This crime was enough to keep her imprisoned in some corner of the shrine for 20 years so that no one would notice her. But the ruthless waves of time brought this concubine in front of the king and prince, after which a bloody flood came that swept the entire kingdom away.

This is not just an incident, but the entire history. The concubine whose name was mentioned above was not an ordinary concubine, but Anarkali, the concubine of the Mughal Emperor Jalal-ud-din Akbar. She was buried alive in a wall as a punishment for her love for Prince Salim. Her tomb is located in the center of Lahore, and a bazaar has been named after her, called Anarkali Bazaar, to keep her memory alive.

Two days ago, when I got free from office work and arrived in Rome with the intention of sleeping, I saw a movie poster on my mobile screen with the name “Taj”. In it, the famous Indian film star Nasiruddin Shah appeared as the king. When it comes to Nasiruddin Shah’s acting, we also count ourselves among his millions of fans.

The series titled “Tajdeed-e-Wafa” released on Zee Cinema’s platform is based on the rise and fall of Mughal Emperor Jalal-ud-din Akbar’s reign in India. Since the story is set in India and released on an Indian platform, the dates can be altered or manipulated to fit the historical events depicted in the series. The season showcases the reign of the Akbar dynasty, and the accuracy of the events portrayed can only be determined by historians as both sides present different perspectives.

The story begins with Jalal-ud-din Akbar’s youth when he takes over the estate of a Rajput chief by killing his soldiers and seizing his land. At that time, he feels the absence of an heir and seeks blessings for a child from a local sage. The sage predicts the fall of his throne while announcing the birth of his three sons. The rest of the details can be discerned by the viewers themselves.

In the story, the pomegranate flower is kept in a secret place in captivity within the shrine, where no one is allowed except for Emperor Akbar. It dreams of freedom in loneliness throughout its life.

In this story, the encounter between the pomegranate flower and Prince Salim takes place, and how it happens. When the secret is revealed to Emperor Akbar. How tension arises between Prince Salim and Emperor Akbar. Why Prince Salim is excluded from the kingdom, and why the pomegranate flower is put on the wall? If I reveal all of this, then there will be no interest left in reading the story, so if you want to uncover these secrets, you will have to read it yourself. (From Rizwan Haider Sahowal)

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