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“I never think about the age difference.”

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Kate Winslet says, “I never think about the age difference.” The famous actress says that in her new movie “The Dressmaker,” she never thought about her younger co-star’s age.

In the film, Liam Hemsworth, who works with Kate Winslet, is 14 years younger than her, and he recently confessed that he had some concerns about accepting his role because he was “a bit too young.”

The British star Winslet told the BBC, “I never thought about our age. I don’t want to worry myself about such things.”

During the film, director Jocelyn Moorhouse said that Liam Hemsworth’s character will be “an interesting challenge” for the film audience.

They usually see older male actors with younger female actresses in movies, but it’s often the opposite, Winslet said.

Last month, Moor House participated in the Busan International Film Festival in South Korea and said, “I thought that being a female director, I should do something different. There are many incidents where men fall in love with women older than themselves, especially when they look like Kate.”

Made in Australia in the 1950s, this film is about a woman who returns to her paternal village after many years to investigate the tragic circumstances that forced her to leave her village in childhood.

Jocelyn Moorhouse said, “If this film has a message, it is to value women.”

The Dressmaker will be released in the UK on November 20th.

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